The Irish Brewery imparts the warmth of an European Cafe

 The Irish Brewery imparts the warmth of an European Cafe

The Irish Brewery an aesthetic,classy & friendly book cafe with their delectable mocktails & continental platters.The cafe hosted an event where they served lip smacking authentic European Cuisines,pizza & desserts.Renowned Actor Rahul Dev Bose and Actress Angana Roy were present to grace the occasion.

Sujata Singh,the owner of the bistro said, “I have curated a menu for both our vegetarian & non vegetarian guests.There are number of especially crafted European & Irish cuisines.We also serve a variety of coffee mocktails slush & mouth-watering desserts”.

The Irish Brewery – A Unit of the Fortune Bakery
The Irish Brewery is having two branches, one is located at Nagerbazar & the other located right behind the Lake Mall, at Raja Basanta Roy Road is a 34 seater cafe that threw doors open to public from November.The other branch at Nagerbazar is a homey 15 seater and has been serving bliss since December. The cafe has a cosy vibe inside, the staff is very friendly, ever smiling and hospitable. To beat the scorching heat Yuzu Elder Flower cooler and Cranberry Cold Brew can be opted for which hydrates a lot! You can find Egg Benedict on English Muffin, Cajun spiced Chicken Skewers as starters which are the unique dishes of the cafe. The Irish Stew is the signature dish of the cafe which is originally been served in the main course, it is an amazing consistency of thick stew filled with veggies and slow cooked mutton. Baileys Cheesecake is their signature dessert option which is just amazing & envelopes the taste buds.

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