The literary-themed ‘Potboiler Coffee House’ is every Bibliophile’s paradise. Read to know why!

 The literary-themed ‘Potboiler Coffee House’ is every Bibliophile’s paradise. Read to know why!

Nestled in the streets of Southern Avenue, Potboiler Coffee House Kolkata is a haven for avid readers and foodies. There’s nothing more blissful than relaxing on a plush, cosy couch, sipping on a steaming cup of coffee while reading a book. Sounds heavenly, right? 

From the book collection and decor to the eclectic food & beverage menu, this quaint cafe has gained quite a repute amongst the youngsters of the city. 

Wondering what sets the cafe apart from others? While there are a number of reasons, we’ve managed to round up the five most important of them. Keep reading!

Minimalistic and neat decor

Potboiler Coffee House has an old-world charm of a quaint European bistro. Be it the minimalist facade or the whitewashed walls, the cafe has managed to maintain a colonial ambiance. 

There’s a cute, little outdoor seating space that exudes a chill vibe for the millennials. With beautiful fairy lights and french windows, the cafe oozes a sophistry. 

The moment you step inside the cafe, you’ll be greeted by a monochromatic wall art explaining the art of coffee-making, giving a wholesome bean-to-cup experience to the patrons. The inside walls are adorned with witty one-liners and captions. Besides, the pista green wall, harry potter-themed cushions, and the string of bulbs dangling from the ceiling is surely going to bring a smile to the face of many bibliophiles, especially Potterheads. 

So, if you want to spend a few quiet moments with your favourite author, Potboiler Coffee House is undoubtedly your ultimate destination. 

Flavourful food & beverage options

As their motto says, “there is a coffee for everyone, and we’re here to help you find yours”. The menu is diverse and is sure to delight palates across the city. In fact, the menu of Potboiler Coffee House justifies the theme of the cafe, i.e., books and coffee. They have named their coffees after books. 

Potterheads must go for the Espresso Patronum and pair it with flavourful cookies or brownies. You can also go for their classics like Latte Of The Rings, which is nothing but cafe latte, named after the iconic movie “The Lord of the Rings”. If you’re a cold-coffee lover, go for To All The Lattes I’ve Loved Before or The Curious Case Of Iced Mocha

They love experimenting when it comes to food and coffee. Their signature drinks like The Devil Drinks Latte, The Theory Of Flat White, The Orange Palace, and The Sun Also Rises, among others, are must-haves. Besides, they also take great care of the brewing process, the size of various coffee beans, the water temperature and the water-coffee ratio. They keep three to four bean options from different roasters for manual brews and for those who enjoy single-origin espressos. 

As far as food is concerned, Sonali Lakhotia, the owner of the cafe, has carefully curated home-style food options to complement the beverages. The food menu has on it breakfast options, salads, pancakes, sandwiches and burgers, to name a few. 

Unmissable high coffee set

We’ve all heard of the classic high-tea fare, but if you’ve never heard of High Coffee, visit Potboiler Coffee House. The cafe has revamped the concept of high tea with their classic High Coffee that showcases coffee in a new and unique way.

Reasonably priced, the High Coffee Set serves two to three persons depending on the option you choose. It has an array of savouries and desserts like cucumber cream cheese sandwiches, frosted cookies and brownie & strawberry skewers muffin, among others, that you can’t miss. 

The beverages served during the experience are P.S. We Love You, Tonic Is The Night and Ode To Hot Chocolate. 

Purr-fect date with your fur friends

Read, eat and feel free to show some much-deserved love to the fur friends. You’ll be greeted by their cat named Poker. Poker is a softie who loves making new friends. They have in-house handlers who look after Poker very well.

You don’t have to be scared as Poker is very well-trained, vaccinated and doesn’t cause any problem. Once in a while, she might just go up to your table and say Hi. 

So, wait no more! Plan a playdate with your canine companion while you binge on delectable treats. 

Sanitary pads in the washroom

On the one hand, India is progressing in terms of its industrial and technological potential, but a substantial portion of the population still views something as natural as menstruation as taboo.

To break the preconceived notion, the cafe has kept sanitary pads in their unisex washroom, apart from tissue papers and fancy soaps. It would not only be of practical assistance to the patrons, but it would also, in a sense, break the stereotype of discomfort. Besides, they have also kept Pee Safe toilet seat sanitizer spray, keeping women’s hygiene in mind in unisex washrooms.  

“Coffee is not just bitter” – that’s what Potboiler Coffee House believes in. Go on a blind date with your favourite author while sipping on a warm cup of coffee and indulge yourself in its intriguing flavours. 

Where: P-468, Lake Terrace road Keyatala, Near Vivekananda Park, opposite of Kunbi sarees, Kolkata, West Bengal-700029 

Price: Rs. 950/- for two (approx)

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