Slido Classic 120 Series

 Slido Classic 120 Series

Sliding doors have become an essential part of residential and commercial areas due to their versatility, ease of use and countless applications. It therefore has become a necessity to continuously develop and innovate in order to cater to the ever-changing lifestyle and technological demands from these fittings.

Häfele has numerous sliding systems under its SLIDO range catering to varied needs in every area of your life. For internal doors and dividers, Häfele introduces its Classic 120 Series Wooden Sliding Systems that come with high weight carrying capacities and enhanced component functionality and design. Catering to different aesthetical needs, the series includes Classic 120 W (straight sliding system), Classic 120 XL (flush sliding system), Classic 120 F (flush sliding system) and Classic 120 S (synchro sliding system for simultaneous opening of double doors). When integrated with the double sided Smuso technology, these systems acquire a soft opening and closing feature making silent operation possible. The Smuso unit is designed to be used as a single universal system for both single and double doors easing installation complexities. Classic 60 W with double sided Smuso is also a part of this range, intended for smaller/ lighter doors.

Häfele also offers direct installation services to its customers and contractors under the “Meister Service” Initiative. We have in place a highly trained technical staff who is Meister certified on some of the most sophisticated SLIDO products, stationed across South Asia. Through this service, we want to ensure that every SLIDO product performs the way it is intended to and provides you with many years of convenience and joy of use.

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