The Official Trailer of Mojoplex Originals “TIKILAND” is Out Now.

 The Official Trailer of Mojoplex Originals “TIKILAND” is Out Now.

Tikiland is a futuristic drama exploring the outbreak of a virus called, the FOMO virus. The fear of missing out (FOMO) virus is luring people to turn into zombies by pushing them further into the virtual world pandemonium.
The story is narrated from Saptak, a theatre artist’s point of view whose crisis is his conflict with the TIKI stars who make anything but bizarre content in the name of art. In the end, whose triumph are we looking forward to? Keep an eye on the release of Tikiland to know more!

Director’s Note:
Devtanu and I have been working on Tikiland for the last two years.  The moment I came up with the concept, I discussed it with Devtanu, and he started working on the script. It took two years to give the story the structure of a film. In the beginning, Tikiland was decided to be a short film. Eventually, we decided to make a webfilm on the story. To be honest, we did face a lot of difficulty at first. There have been quite a few obstacles.  Sharing one such example, a few producers did agree to produce Tikiland. We had also started the Pre-Production work. But somehow, it got cancelled midway. Then finally, we came across Aakanksha Manglani and her production house , KEFI Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. They listened to our story and agreed to support us and we got to start our production work. This futuristic project was challenging! Projects like ours are barely seen in the Bengali Film Industry. The story revolves around psychological, physical and social affects of Social Media in our lives. We have tried to portray the same through our creative minds. Hoping and praying that the audience from Bengal and outside Bengal watch our movie and support us. The entire team has really worked hard and being the director of the film, I am really looking forward to a positive response and huge support from the audience. The webfilm, starring Devtanu, Suvosmita, Rii and Judhajit will stream on Mojoplex soon! Keep supporting. Keep loving.

Devtanu said:
Tikiland is very close to my heart! I framed an Actor’s struggle in a Fomo Effected futuristic world through the script. Thats why the story, concept & dialogues will be relatable to the audience. Its been 2years now we are struggling to make this film possible, finally the right time has come when we are going to present it to the audience. I have tried my level best to portray Saptak on screen. As an actor my job was much easier because Saptak lived inside me while writing the script. Our philosophies are more or less same. Rest the audience will decide. They are the best judge. I am ready to surprise them with my performance, as usual.


TIKILANDPresented by Mojoplex
Produced by Kefi Media & Entertainment (P) Ltd.
Producer: Aakansha Manglani
Director: Abhishek Chowdhury

DevtanuSuvosmita MukherjeeRii SenTarunima ChakrabortyJudhajit Sarkar
& others.
DOP: Rana Pratap Karforma
Editor: Pronoy Dasgupta
Music: Hillol Acharya
BGM:  Chandraniv Sinha
Choreographer: Joy Dutta
VFX: Shubhayan Chandra


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