“Ikir Mikir” is waiting for its OTT release.

 “Ikir Mikir” is waiting for its OTT release.
A murder investigation of a security guard where two people are the prime suspects. Surasha, a lady in her late 30s living with her only daughter and her husband is stuck in Bangalore due to pandemic, and Ranjan,  a man in his late 40s who had lost his wife and daughter in an accident. They have two different versions of the crime. Surasha’s version, Ranjan’s version. But there is a third version, the truth.
Director’s Note:
This film is a thriller which takes the form of a maze during the first half and gradually takes an unexpected turn in the second half catering to a very important social issue which is less discussed. We have made this film in 7 days and humbly would say if thriller is your genre then this is the film you are looking for.
“Ikir Mikir” is waiting for its OTT release.
Directed by Ratool Mukherjee
Produced by M Laxman
Production House: M.L. Films
Rupanjana MitraRajatava DuttaSaurav DasDeboprasad HalderApratim ChatterjeeAnindita RaychaudhuriTiyasha
Director of Photography: Raktim Mondal
Music: Debojyoti Mishra
Title Track: Nikhita Gandhi
Sound Designer: Silajit Chakraborty
Editor: Eshan Sil
Writer: Rahool Mukherjee
Executive Producer: Ajitesh Sippy
Colorist: Soumitra Sarkar

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