An Exclusive Interview With Actress Rai Debalina: From India to Dubai, She Has Made Herself A Brand

 An Exclusive Interview With Actress Rai Debalina: From India to Dubai, She Has Made Herself A Brand

Rai Debalina, a self-made model and actress, in this exclusive interview, spoke about how she made her place in the industry. For her the journey was just a roller coaster ride. During the pandemic and lockdown, she chose not to work for a year and came back stronger and bolder. Her hard work paved her stand out successful in the Tollywood.

How did you beat the monotony of the second lockdown in India?

Talking about my lockdown life, I did go through a mixed feeling of excitements to be back from Dubai and spending my days at peace at my hometown, Kalna. Ofcourse, an anxiety was there about work but I tried to keep myself calm. Many projects came my way, but got postponed for an eternity due to the lockdown and the Pandemic and I was also refused some work at that time as going out was very risky. I didn’t shoot for 1 year and 3 months from 1st lockdown and started shooting in India from June end.. But, nevertheless, it was a lovely break from the hectic work schedule, as I got to spent so much time with my family, away from the crowd and noise of the city life. 

Having said that, we know that Rai Debalina has not only given her best in Mumbai and Kolkata, but also did set her footsteps in Dubai. How was the whole journey?

Indeed, thank you for putting it across in such a subtle manner. Now that you have given this introduction, I really went into a rewind mode for few seconds. It has been a wonderful journey. From Kolkata then Mumbai then to Dubai, it has been always been an exiciting journey. Well, if I actually look back, I see an evolved Rai Debalina when I am in front of the mirror now. I have learnt a lot, I have achieved quite a bit and most importantly, I have taken up a lot of lessons through this wonderful journey. I cannot thank all the people who gave me chances to prove myself. Each of my project has been very special to me. 

How did you revive the break?

Just like every other person, I was messed up too until I started my whole new journey with my very first project from Surinder Films, “BIKRAM-BETAL”.

“TUSHAR RAJYO is the story that I was given the honour to work in. Not much will I reveal, but Chandrayee Ghosh is playing the negative queen role whereas I would be playing the role of the positive queen. The story is a combination of twists, mystery and thrillers that would keep you seated throughout and feel the emotions touching your heart. The project was really close to my heart and I would never be able to thank Surinder Films and Monidipa Di for being such an amazing team to work with. The best part of this project was that this new journey was started after I celebrated my birthday on 22nd June, just 2days prior to the first day of shoot with a vaccination against the COVID-19.

Post that I did my debut hindi feature film in Mumbai named as World is mine, script by Rashid Ikbal, where I shared screen with Papia Adhikary and Anindya Pulok Banerjee and Mouboni Sarker. For the first time, I played a negative role of a regressive woman, partner of a drug mafia who exploits girls. Hope, audience will also unfold a new side of mine like I did.

Talking about Rai’s debut Hindi feature film, we did not get any sneak-peak into the making of this project. Why is it so?

Aha! That is the USP I guess (Rai broke into a mischievous laughter). Having said that, we have completely bound ourselves to this project with a commitment of keeping the audience in complete suspense. You know, I think, a suspense in our field of work, is just the key to accomplish our set goals and desires and success. So yes, the name is heard of, but the suspense to this beautiful project keeps us expecting for a huge success in future.

Sources say that Rai Debalina is getting into a your first ever Horror Web-Series in a very renowned OTT platform! How valid is this piece of news going around in the industry?

I always believe in one thing, that my work, is my identity. This, for me, has been the only way I work. But this time, I couldn’t keep my calm, when Amlan (Majumdar)Da gave me this opportunity to work in my first ever Horror Web-Series Ananda Ashram directed by Arijeet Toton Chakrobarty and I can’t thank him more. My heartfelt gratitude for this huge break in my career as I got Soumitra Chatterjee as co-star and it was his last work before he passed away. I will always treasure this experience throughout. The other co-stars of mine for the web series are Rudranil Ghosh, Swastika Dutta, Prantik Banerjee, Asim Mukherjee and Amlan da also. We are done with the dubbing also and hopefully it will release soon.

That sounds so alluring!

What are the other projects in the line? Please put some light on it.

I am part of Anindya Basu’s first web film “Satti Kothar Golpo” with Anuradha Mukherjee, RJ Sekhar. It is a story about a writer and her writing. The shooting is almost over and then the film will undergo for the post-production. In between all film shoots, my modelling work is also going on.

Apart from mainstream media, you have also been into Theatre like a daughter to the industry. How is that part going?

Yes. I am a complete Theatre daughter. My theatre group is “Ashoknagar Natyaanan” a theatre group of Chandan Sen & Shantilal Mukherjee. This is where I was born and where I want to live my whole life. Theatre has taught me, not only how to present myself, but also has enriched me with a lot of life lessons. So being a Theatre daughter, this is my ground where I want to live for the rest of my life. After having said that, on this November, I cordially invite all the readers and you and your team to the Theatre show which I am a part of. The date and venue would be updated on my official Facebook and Instagram page. Keep supporting me so I can keep entertaining all of you for years to come.

We wish Rai Debalina all the very best for her future endeavours.

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