Kolkata, November, 2021: When the fireworks light up the sky as the evening wears on, colourful lights adorn the streets and the houses are decked up with ‘diyas’ (earthen lamps). At that time, the entire atmosphere of our City of Joy is painted in a different light, and there is a lot of commotion and rush all around. Diwali is perhaps the other largest festival of Kolkata apart from Durga Puja. It takes place nearly twenty days after Durga Puja, in honour of Goddess Kali. Our beautiful township is known for its many festivals, which keep its residents busy throughout the year, and Bengalis just need one reason or another to celebrate. This festive fervour is one of the many significant things that highlights Kolkata, making it a one of a kind place. Whenever we talk about Diwali, the first thing that comes to our mind is shopping and fashion. After all, it’s time for a fresh start! So why not indulge in something unique, which can make us beautiful from the inside out. It is that time of the year again when not only women but all the men would come out in all their finery to celebrate the festival of lights. Style plays a major role in helping people to express their mood and showcase their personality. We know that many of you are doing the same right now, so let us help you out. For an artist to showcase his/her creativity, he/she needs some sort of medium. For some, it comes out with a stroke of brush, some others weave their art in the thread. Late Sharbari Dutta, her son, Amalin Datta and daughter-in-law, Kanaklata Datta are artists, and pioneers of men’s fashion in India. After Sharbari Datta, the legacy is being carried forward by her designer son Amalin and daughter-in-law Kanaklata Datta. Sharbari Studio, driven by the indomitable spirit of creativity and a desire to create its niche, is an art-house led by Amalin and Kanaklata Datta, which should be the perfect one-stop destination for all men this Diwali.

Amalin, son of fashion designer Sharbari Dutta and well-known muralist Alokemoy Datta, has developed his own unique style. His idea and wardrobe has set a milestone in Indian textiles in a contemporary way. He successfully interlinks the tradition and modernity to make a contemporary style statement in the fast changing arena of Indian fashion. He phenomenally combines contemporary and traditional fashion, thread work with exquisite motifs, colours with pattern and texture to create a true fashion that is igneous yet incredible. Being a calm, composed person, Kanaklata Datta believes in staying connected with our tradition and culture. She doesn’t believe in trends because according to her, whatever makes us comfortable and confident should be recognized as our own trend. As an artist she loves to evolve and create everything related to our age-old heritage and also gives it a touch of fusion to make it more apt with today’s generation.
Amalin and Kanaklata wove their art which is like a dream through their designs, cuts, and fabric. Instead of following any particular trend, they believe to stay grounded with our age-old heritage of fashion, crafts, and silhouettes. They mostly work on silk fabric to portray our beautiful craftsmanship with a modern outlook.

This Diwali, it’s all about Sharbari Brand’s vibrant colour, hand embroidery, and our heritage of craftsmanship. In this festival, their classic fusion art-wear will redefine and relive our centuries-old tradition with a touch of glam. “Trend is all about enhancing our personalities with our confidence. And we believe that our Indian attire has that charm to make you feel confident instantly”, said Kanaklata Dutta. To break all the preconceived notions about men’s fashion regarding bright colour and pattern, this Diwali they have come up with hand embroidery, motifs, and vibrant colours in a traditional form for men to look up to their fashion sense as long as they are confident and comfortable. One can embrace his traditional meets-edgy style by pairing a pathani suit or kurta with perfect suave accessories. A good traditional shoe or a classy wristwatch can make your presence noticeable easily. Their coloured Bengali style Dhoti has already set a benchmark in the Indian fashion world, which has a touch of elegance and a sense of true Indian culture. So this Diwali it should be a must for every Bong to feel proud about our culture and roots. Their best quality fabric will give you the utmost comfort as comfortable clothing has been the preferred choice this year due to work from home. The festive season is expected to bring back bright colours and beautiful outfits. Any kind of festival means food, fun, experiments, and enjoyment. So there should be some playfulness, quirkiness, and elegance in your Diwali outfits. This Diwali, let’s add some sophistication and take your elegance one notch higher with the one and only Sharbari Studio.

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