In the present fast-moving era, the only significant assets are trust and proper use of time. Information about the judiciary and legal hassles are one of the most perplexing issues that confront us. The very first thing that comes to mind is to square up to some trustworthy, dependable, and friendly counsel. One such legal counsel is now not only available at your fingertips but at your doorstep as well. Legal Salah, a legal tech online one-stop solution is all set to launch its new physical offices in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Started as an online platform, Legal Salah is now going to provide varieties of legal services offline anytime and anywhere in India. Be it a small-scale business, a start-up planner, or an individual taxpayer- each and everyone can be benefited from the range of services of the company. Legal Salah is run and managed by an efficient team of professionals who have rich experience to guide you on. Started with a team of 20 in Kolkata, currently, Legal Salah has a team of 30+ employees for both offline and online services. Soon the strength will increase. Legal Salah enables you to track the status of work through their website along with the clients to protect their privacy and security. Previously, the mission of the company was to make legal work simpler and accessible for every individual in the country. As it is going to create its offline presence, the company mainly focuses to cater the problems of the local people in those mentioned places. “We focus on local problems.

In rural areas of Bengaluru and Hyderabad people are not that familiar with the technology. Language is also a barrier. Hence, we are focusing more to touch the local problems like tax filing or business issues, mentioned Mr. Subh Jha, CEO of Legal Salah. Legal Salah also helps its clients to achieve punctual compliances to avoid penalties. The services of Legal Salah have become popular so fast even during the pandemic. Since the Covid-induced pandemic has emphasized the need for service in physical isolation, Legal Salah with its digital presence has perfectly served in accordance with the need of new-age realities. This stress-free online structure of exertions generated a 20-30% surge in clients during the restrictive days of the pandemic. In the past years, the adoption of digital services has phenomenally increased and thus validates the vision of the founders of Legal Salah. End to end transparency and promptness of service is the major strength of Legal Salah. Since the unlock process has begun and people are getting back to offline work gradually, Legal Salah also plans for expanding their business from online to both online and offline mode. After Bengaluru and Hyderabad, they are planning to open branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Chennai, Gujrat, and the outskirts of West Bengal within the next 3 to 4 months. These physical setups will definitely help in the spike in revenue since they are adding more partners and franchisees. Although instead of earning revenue Legal Salah is concentrating on solving problems initially. According to Mr. Jha, the problems should be taken care of first even if the revenue goes down. The response of the people to this online legal service has been a big hit formerly. In September 2020, the company raised $1 million from investors based in Kolkata. The company has also been selected as the legal start-up of the year by Indian Awaz. Mr. Sujit Jha, one of the founders of Legal Salah was nominated for Forbes Legal top hundred lawyers in India. Over the past two years, Legal Salah has served almost 20000 start-ups and SMEs across India and has served brands like OYO Life, Hero, Sulekha, and Duck Back. As they have a strong technological base, Legal Salah’s being the first legal advisory platform, also going to start their app so that people can get any legal help and access it sitting back at home. Legal Salah has customized services for Private Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, Individual companies, and Partnership Firms. There are no hidden charges and clients can even pay in monthly instalments. As a brand, Legal Salah wants to make legal work effortless and accessible to every individual in the country. The entire process will be transparent so that it becomes very easy for the clients to understand. “Legal Salah is a platform to cater to everyone’s legal
suggestions along with a clear, transparent idea about the problems from the best experts in the industry and now we are also available offline.”, added Mr. Sujit Jha.

The company is currently working on the expansion of its business using the raised fund. There is no future fund-raising programme until next year. Apart from this, two more programs are also associated with Legal Salah. One is a collaboration with existing business owners in the digital and business development space. Two, a franchise model is being developed that can help entrepreneurs to build their businesses with proper guidelines. The company has already provided trouble-free legal work, taxation, and compliance to start-up
businesses and SMEs across 150+ cities in India.
Website: https://legalsalah.com/

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