Summer is slowly segueing into fall, and throughout September until November, we can feel the changes in the climate. While Kolkata remains a flurry of human activity throughout the year, for a foodie and true Kolkatan, the autumn to winter window is the ideal period to soak up this energy, round up its iconic culinary circuit, ride a tram through its thoroughfare, and discover the cultural fabric of the city. To welcome the festive season of Kolkata and to provide a global taste to its customers, Lord of the Drinks is all set with its new menu for every taste and appetite. True to its brand values, this new menu offers simple yet authentic cuisine, taking its cue from tried and true global delicacies. With redefined, modern, and artisan dishes, Lord of the Drinks is ready to awe its guests during these pleasing months. They have always prioritized the three most important factors: texture, flavour, and presentation. The team has continually laid an emphasis on sourcing all seasonal ingredients, but this time the global menu will shine through most of their latest creations with a touch of glamour.

If you are in the mood for some snacks and drinks with friends and want to share some delightful moments of fun and friendship, the Small Bites section of the new menu has it all. Let’s peep into the delicacies. They have Beetroot Goat Cheese Galouti, a healthy red-coloured snack with pan-seared beet salad and mint relish. Then comes the B & P Nuggets with Bandel cheese, mozzarella, pasta, panko fried, and chili mayo to excite your taste buds. Next, they have a fried roll with English cheddar and corn jalapeno. It is termed, Mr. English. This mouth-watering food will be served with roasted garlic dip. Then they have Southern Peppered Calamari, which will take you to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. Tempura fried will be served with curry leaves, pepper, and garlic mayo. It is not grease-heavy or rubbery at all. This fried delicacy will be your go-to snack. Our love for fish is something eternal. So LOD has Crispy Fried Fish with Lemon Aioli. It is served with Asian herbs, crisp salad, and lemon aioli. There is the scrumptious Chicken Chimichurri! The word “chimichurri” means “a mixture of several things in no particular order”.

This delicacy is made of Mexican salsa, parsley, and chili. They also boast of the delicious hot and spicy Peri Peri Chicken Tikka; the mixed flavour of pineapple salsa and mint sauce will blow your mind. Lastly, they have sweet and spicy Korean Style Fried Prawns, which will leave you craving for more.
They also have a section for the whole meal. It is aptly named Big Bites! LOD invites all the foodies to
experience the rich, vibrant colours and authentic flavours in this much-awaited festive season with some lip-smacking foods. Sizzlers are hot and hit meals on a platter that delight everyone instantly. So LOD has come up with four different kinds of sizzlers in their new menu. They have Minced Chicken Pepper Steak Sizzler, BBQ Half Roast Chicken Sizzler, Cottage Cheese Sizzler, and Kung Pao Pomfret Sizzler. These sizzlers will leave your taste buds blazing for sure. For all the lamb lovers, they have New Zealand Lamb Chops with some red wine sauce, mashed garlic, and caramelized carrot. They have Atlantic Grilled Salmon, which has a seared crust and crispy skin and is still medium-rare inside. To make all the seafood lovers fall in love with LOD, they have Baked Mix Seafood, which contains prawns, fish, and calamari with cheese sauce. No festival is complete without desserts. And when you are in Kolkata, you don’t need any specific reason to gorge on sweets. To satisfy the sweet tooth, LOD has a chef-special dessert called LOTD Choco Moco Jar. With the advent of festivals and pleasant weather, Lord of the Drinks is eagerly brainstorming ideas and inspirations for a new menu. Not only the food they are offering is going to taste like a burst of sunshine on a festive day, but it will also give you the reason to fall in love with this city once again.

Address: South City Mall, Fourth, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068
Call for Table Booking: +91 9831568080 / +91 9831638080
One of the biggest and the most talked-about pubs in India, Lord of The Drinks is a name that warrants delish
food of global standards with delectable fusion dishes handcrafted for our patrons. The 3,850 square feet
area has accommodated their famous 24 by 40 feet humongous bar. The evening air is filled with commercial
house music from the DJ console. One can also opt to sit outdoor for great brunch dates or Al-Fresco
gatherings. The Lord of the Drinks does have it all! From mouth-watering global cuisine and foot-tapping
music to signature cocktails and awe-inspiring interiors, The Lord is the perfect place to make memories this
festive season.

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