‘Jharokh’ aka ‘Ventilator’, a film directed by Aneek Chaudhuri

 ‘Jharokh’ aka ‘Ventilator’, a film directed by Aneek Chaudhuri

‘Jharokh’ aka ‘Ventilator’, a film directed by Aneek Chaudhuri and produced by Tubelight Production is now officially selected in the 20th year of Dhaka International Film Festival. The feature-length film was previously premiered in Melbourne Indian Film Festival and Boston International Film Festival. Jharokh will be competing in the ‘Spiritual Films’ category in Dhaka International Film Festival.

Jharokh is a feature length film of silent genre speaking of the difference between ‘need’ to seek escapism and ‘desire’ to seek an escapism. The film goes back to the 8 years of the Aila outbreak and the condition of people in Sundarbans; it describes the nature of survivors and how they are still dealing with it. The same is contrasted with a desolated house which details the story of three different individuals who seek escapism from the inner surroundings. They perceive that the outer world is greener.

The film stars Usha Banerjee, Husne Shabnam , Ipsita Kundu and Sabuj Bardhan, apart from directing the film Aneek also has written the story, screenplay and has edited the film, he has also been one of the directors of photography for the film along with Soumya Barik. Fabio Anastasi has created the music for the film and Aneek Chowdhury, Sanjib Gore and Sujoy Bose has produced the film with their production house Tubelight Production.

While speaking about the film and it’s selection in multiple prestigious film festivals Aneek Chaudhuri said, “We have shot this film very gradually over a period of three years and when we began, we had not thought if we intended to make it a feature-film because everything started with a documentary; it was very raw and direct. Later, with the passing of time, I experienced things which made me realize the importance and cons of taking an escape in life. I don’t prefer it most of the time though.

Melbourne has always been home! This festival brings in all the memories and warmth that a filmmaker needs and the director of this festival adores me as a filmmaker, a lot. This has been a period of ten long years! Since this is the World Premiere of the film, we are humbled and at the same time, we are excited to hear the views of the audiences from the film festival.

Now speaking of Dhaka, this is indeed my first appearance in Bangladesh; none of my films have earlier got selected in the country. So, yes! It is a moment of celebration for the whole team. We are also looking forward to participating in a handful of European film festivals and Indian ones too. However, I am aware of the fact that this film is not something that would relax you from your mundane struggles; instead, this will highlight those struggles more. Therefore, we would need to opt for the festivals very carefully.”

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