Sharbari Studio, driven by the indomitable spirit of creativity and a desire to create its own niche, started in 1991. With constant brainstorming, Sharbari, Amalin, and daughter-in-law Kanaklata realized a gaping hiatus in the area of men’s fashion. Sharbari Studio is responsible for bringing the urban contemporary to India what is currently known as men’s fashion. 40/1A, Broad St, is often referred to as “studio”, for its design is often labeled as “artwear” as opposed to “fashion wear”. The fabric is its canvas wherein the creators let their aesthetic imagination take shape into reality.
Fashion is just not the means of clothing your body but your essence of personality reflects from it. Fashion has no specific gender. Just like women, men also love to dress up. As the festive season is knocking at the door, men also want to look stylish and classy in their traditional and ethnic outfits and browse through various styles and trends to create their own unique style statement. To
change the notion again that men don’t have much sartorial choices, Sharbari Studio is all set with their new collection of traditional men’s wear of unique blend of ethnicity with modernity in fabric and vibrancy in colour. With the Indian ethnic clothing scenario being very rich and elegant, in Sharbari Studio men have different options to choose from Sherwanis, Kurtas to Dhoti and
informal Jackets. Sharbari Studio first introduced coloured Bengali traditional dhoti and designer Punjabi kurtas with hand embroidery to this mainstream fashion world. This festive season they have unique collections of elegant and sophisticated Bengal silk traditional style Pirans with hand embroidery of old Calcutta motif, which can be perfectly paired with a beautiful silk embroidered
Dhoti. Sharbari Studio believes that Indian fashion is the true representation of our souls. They believe in wearing heritage with pride so they have traditional Bangalore raw silk body fitted Angrakha which comes with dhola pajamas.

Kolkata is a city of tradition, heritage and culture. Our glorious past has been beautifully portrayed in Sharbari Studio’s new design. They have Silk Dhoti with multi colour embroidered Silk Kurta with tassar silk embroidered shawl, which is a reflection of the old “Babu Culture” of Calcutta. Stepped in a craftsmanship on silk short length formal Angrakha with 19th century woodcut
design they have an amalgamation of traditional yet luxurious designer outfit with perfect detailing of embroidery which defines simplicity with sophistication.

Sharbari Studio has already revolutionized men’s fashion world as their ethnic fusion design changed men’s ethnic wardrobe for the better. They always believe in having a progressive mindset which easily paved the path for the upcoming generation who believes that carrying the tradition with the modern technique is a kind of responsibility. This festive season, their perfect Fusion look will break the concept of not wearing A Traditional outfit to a party. Their Multi colour Benarashi patchwork deep v cut long jacket looks so elegant, rich and trendy that it breaks the monotonous concept of wearing formal clothing, instantly.

They have black on black multi use jacket with Matka Silk embroidered sarong for a casual look to justify your individuality. Taking cues from the Srilankan Batik print and beautiful hand embroidery, their particular silk Angrakha style formal jacket with pencil trouser breathes into new style, tradition and diversity in itself. The brand has always focused on customer satisfaction, which in turn, has garnered a vast base of patrons that kept on growing with each passing day.

They believe that an Indian outfit is all about preserving century’s worth of tradition. “Our sole point is always to establish the fact that there is no clash between masculinity and bright colours. One more important purpose which we have is that we really want to redefine and relive our centuries-old tradition of stitching like Kantha.” said by Kanaklata, daughter-in-law of Late Sharbari
Dutta. The traditional Indian attire is known for its diversity which has earned global recognition from an early age. Sharbari Studio is one of the pioneers which creates and preserves our age old traditions that keep us connected to our roots and make us enjoy our vibrant cultures since 1991 from her residence 40/1A, Broad St, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700019.

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