Ummaira, launched its first store amid much glitz and glamour. The new store at Lake Terrace Road houses an exclusive fashion apparel line, an assortment of handpicked ethnic wear, mainly premium blouses, signature sarees, ornate lehengas, and playful skirts combining handcrafted styles of embroidery with silks and fabrics sourced from different parts of the country. The interior  takes its inspiration from traditional and modern elements to achieve a feminine and glamorous look.

The classic wooden floor is completed with brick walls and a plush ottoman bench, offering a luxurious and sophisticated experience. The store was launched in the presence of actress Anuradha Mukherjee, interdisciplinary artist and actor Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, celebrity stylist Anupam Chatterjee, Tollywood actress Ratashree Dutta, and make-up influencer and banker Dolon Dutta Chowdhury. Our society has tied physical beauty to self-worth. Instead of attacking the idea that beauty is equivalent to a woman’s worth, UMMAIRA is smashing all preconceived notions on Indian beauty regarding skin colour, body shape, and conduct. Every shade of a woman, be it bold, innocent, outspoken, flamboyant, flirty, ambitious, effervescent, etc., is equally attractive and worthy to herself. Ummaira is a women’s ethnic wear brand that celebrates womanhood in every avatar. The comfortable fabrics, vibrant colours, and exquisite embroidery will offer the “woman of today” a varied range to choose from as per her preferences, contours, moods, and fancies. From a homemaker to an office-goer, one shouldn’t compromise with comfort. Ummaira has promised to provide this comfort in a trendy and elegant way. We live in a world where certain false ideologies are considered yardsticks for women’s beauty standards, which can be construed as an effect of post-colonialism. Ummaira aims to break this Euro-centric beauty standard that is still glorified in our country. Flaunt your flaws with elegance! To admire the grace and stretch marks, coils and curves, wrists and ankles, and waves and tides, Ummaira is all set with its wide range of ethnic wear. When the whole world is trying to suppress the voice of a woman, when a woman is fighting every day for her existence, when it feels very much disturbing that the Indian mindset is still dictated by some clichés – Ummaira acknowledges the woman of today with its stunning

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Debaroopa Bhattacharya, the owner of Ummaira, said, “Beauty has no age as it lies in the heart. From the young college girl to the senior citizen, who aspires for exclusivity fused with elegance and comfort, is a potential customer for UMMAIRA”. They also customize according to the choice, which instantly connects the customers. Their designs,
colours, and the story behind the creation make them unique. A woman will stay dedicated and loyal if she finds her values and decisions are respected equally by the other person, and just like that, Ummaira wants to be the best friend or soulmate of every woman out there.

The Persian name UMMAIRA has come from this idea, which means “blessed with a long life”. The launch collection is all about festivity and celebration, and Ummaira is all about experiments, creativity, and  elegance. They plan to introduce a new range of collections every few months, which will leave the clients asking for more. They intend to give wings to their experimentation through designs and silhouettes with which the woman of today identifies. “We intend to scale up production and reach out to women across the globe with our credible and enviable designs. Quality and commitment shall remain our hallmark always!” added Debaroopa. It’s easy to talk about “women empowerment”, but only a few understand the depth of the term. A woman
is opinionated, independent, and no one has the right to oppose her choice to dress, work, or move. Being a woman means just being a woman – a normal human being without all the present notions. It’s a celebration with Ummaira of all the Womaniyas, who are proud of their unapologetic nature. Address: P-104 Lake Terrace Kolkata, West Bengal, India 700029.

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