A festival of humanity by Soham Chakraborty

 A festival of humanity by Soham Chakraborty

Those who stand by the poor people, feed them, put smiles on them, the initiative of those socialists is commendable. Recently, actor and MLA Soham Chakraborty and members of ‘Hasikhushi Club’ of Baranagar Tobin Road took such a social welfare initiative. Actress and singer Suparna Kumar made Team-Soham’s initiative a success by appearing as a special guest at this eye-catching food festival titled ‘Onyo Ilish O Chingri Utsav’

The street children, the poor and the disabled were given free hilsa, shrimp and other nutritious items, along with lunch. Soham and his assoassociates served more than two hundred people.

MLA Madan Mitra, MLA Tapas Roy, MLA Jyotipriya Mallick, West Bengal Trinamool Congress party spokesperson Debangshu Bhattacharya, Baranagar Municipality Chief Administrator Aparna Moulik, Dilip Narayan Basu, chief co-ordinator of Baranagar Municipality were present to encourage Team-Soham.

Sumon Kar and actress Suparna Kumar, one of the members of ‘Hasikhushi Club’, played a special role in serving food and honoring the guests.

Soham, Suparna, Sumon and every guest said the same about this event, that a great initiative was taken to connect helpless people with love in this covid-atmosphere, to put a smile on their face. The organizers of this event want others like them to come forward with tender initiatives.

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