Remember the time when you were in the midst of your cooking experiment and had to stop the process because of one missing ingredient? Or the moment when you were paid a surprise
visit from your friends and family, but you had an empty refrigerator? Or when you had just come back from a long hectic day of work and your worst nightmare of running out of groceries came true? Or when you visited the grocery store and forgot to pick something up? Or how about that time when you discovered late at night that your midnight snack is over? Well, now it is time for you to bid adieu to long queues at grocery markets because 24 Ghanta – Round the clock is here. 24 GHANTA – Round the clock, is Kolkata’s first and only comprehensive, 24-hour online grocery shop. With over 8000 products and boasting of almost 400 brands, this online grocery platform enables you to get access to any food and household supplies of your choice, and it delivers right to your doorstep within 30 minutes. 24 Ghanta, the brainchild of Shahid Iqbal, Kundan, and Rahul Sinha, took shape from the need to untangle the process of grocery shopping and make the lives of Kolkatans considerably easier.

The one-stop solution to all your grocery emergencies is here. 24 Ghanta – Round the clock is the first 24×7 operating grocery store in Kolkata. From rice, lentils, and spices to exotic fruits,  vegetables, baking products, and other gourmet food that are not readily available, you can trust 24 Ghanta – Round the clock to have a well-stocked pantry to cater to all your needs. 24 Ghanta – Round the clock offers a wide range of products, which are not limited to only national brands but include international giants like Starbucks or Raffaello. The online grocery market has  experienced a massive boom and a growth of about 75% in the last 1.5 years.

The market research also predicts that it’s supposed to touch $24 billion by 2025. Aiming to be a key player in the developing market in Kolkata, 24 Ghanta’s biggest USP is their 24*7 service – a first-of-its-kind initiative in this city. 24 Ghanta – Round the clock has a fresher outlook on grocery shopping, which sets it apart from others. It also promises assured delivery within 30 minutes within a radius of five kilometres, which is another novel idea. This attribute is perhaps what sets them apart and will possibly pull in hordes of buyers who hate waiting on their emergency groceries. Did we mention it? They are no delivery charges either!

The founder Shahid Iqbal is of the opinion that the changing working hours, sleeping patterns, and dynamic lifestyle changes aggravated further by a global pandemic, cannot afford the luxury of
conventional grocery shops closing by 9 pm. The need goes way beyond that. 24 Ghanta – Round the clock gives you the freedom to buy at your convenience from the very comforts of your home.
Rahul Sinha, one of the co-founders, says, “The idea is to make grocery shopping simply a click away. No more long queues or unavailability of essential resources. Henceforth, no more worries!
We are constantly on the lookout for valuable feedback to make our services better, affordable, and most importantly, accessible to everyone in the City of Joy. We guarantee fair prices and excel
at connecting the local retail to the masses.” With its fast, reliable, and round-the-clock services, it will undoubtedly satiate the daily household needs of an extremely diverse population of this city. So, what are you waiting for? Order from them today! Oh, wait! Now you have all the time in the world to order at your convenience from your quick service household essential assistant provider: 24 Ghanta – Round the clock.

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