GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music marks one successful year

 GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music marks one successful year

The GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music is celebrating its successful completion of one year of the venture which is focused on grooming young and upcoming talent in the field of music.

The school is a collaboration between India’s leading composer Shekhar Ravjiani and Singapore-based Global Indian International School, a premier education institution with campuses in 7 countries. The two parties have come together to provide mentorship to the talented students among a pool of 16,000 using the school’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and futuristic technology.

Commenting on the project, Mr Ravjiani said, “For me, the last year has been a dream come true. I wanted to give back to the community via my music, and the best way to do it was to mentor fresh and developing talent. I am extremely delighted with the partnership with Global Indian International School to create our music school. I am glad that this adventure is leading us along the path of success that I had envisioned in collaboration with GIIS.”

In the one year of the programme at GIIS-Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music, selected students got a chance to be mentored one-on-one by the multi-talented Shekhar – the famed musician, singer and actor – who believes in giving a chance to upcoming talent in society. As many as 14 students – from Singapore, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, India and Japan – graduated from the school in its first year, of which 6 have made it to Level 2 of the programme and entered their second year of training.

Mr Ravjiani has made more avenues available to these six students to excel, by starting a collaboration with InstruMen, a prominent Acapella band from India, for an exciting project which will give them tremendous exposure, under his guidance.

In its second year, the SRSOM has received a large number of entries from aspirants, which is a 5-fold jump from its original batch of graduates. The selection process for 2021 is close to completion and students from their worldwide campuses have an exciting opportunity to be a part of the 2021 batch.

Speaking on the development, Mr Atul Temurnikar, Chairman of GIIS, said: “The success of the school gives me immense satisfaction. Our collaboration with Shekhar to have a school which gives opportunities to new talent has borne fruit, and we look forward to having more talented students on board.”

GIIS has continuously conducted singing competitions such as Global Indian Stars and Jhankaar to provide budding artists a platform.

It follows a holistic 9GEMS framework of education which emphasizes on nine areas of academic and non-academic excellence. Skills development is a big part of the school’s educational philosophy, and it uses the savvy technology and great infrastructure to provide platforms to students who want to excel in a skill.

“We constantly aim to deliver the greatest education to our students through a comprehensive educational framework that incorporates the best industry practices through our well-designed customized modules,” Mr Temurnikar said. “This association has further strengthened GIIS’ signature educational framework of Nine Gems which is aimed at fostering all-round character development in students through an integrated, holistic approach to learning,” he further added.

The GIIS – Shekhar Ravjiani School of Music is a splendid extension to the innovative curriculum of GIIS, which has been leveraging the potential of Data Analytics to deliver an optimal experience to the students. The school utilizes data to track and measure student performances in all nine areas of excellence, plus the technology was beneficial for the music school curriculum too. The school also has Smart Campuses around the world, which uses savvy technology and latest infrastructure to impart education that is relevant for the 21st century. This includes dedicated music studios, sports facilities, digital classrooms and Blended Learning for best student outcomes in all areas of learning.

 About Global Indian International School (GIIS):

Winner of over 200 international awards, Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a global network of premier international schools with more than 16,000 students across 21 campuses in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, and India. Founded in 2002, the GIIS network of schools offers a range of international and Indian curricula for kindergarten to Grade 12 students. These include the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Cambridge IGCSE, IB Primary Years Programme, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and the Global Montessori Plus programme.

GIIS’ mission is to nurture young minds into global leaders and innovators of tomorrow through a skills-based approach to education that believes in academic and extracurricular excellence. This approach, called the Nine GEMS™ methodology, balances excellence in academics with sports, performing arts, entrepreneurship, and character development. GIIS is a member of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF) which has been recognized worldwide for high standards of governance and established academic criteria.

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