Radhe : Your Most Wanted Bhai

 Radhe : Your Most Wanted Bhai

Writuparna Bhattacharya: Radhe,  Your Most Wanted Bhai was released on the web platform Zee5 on the occassion of Eid, 13th May, 2021. The movie is produced by Salman Khan and team, directed by Prabhudeva, presented by Zee Studios and acted primarily by Salman Khan himself along with Jackie Shroff, Randeep Hooda and Disha Patani. The movie is 1 hour and 49 minutes long, the shortest ( fortunately!) among all Salman Khan movies till date and undoubtedly one of the flimsiest caricatures of all the potboiler movies he had given so far.

The story of this movie can actually be stated in just one line, which is unnecessarily dragged on and on for nearly two long hours, simply to test the audience’s patience and turned out a complete waste of both one’s hard earned money and precious little time in the end. The movie is apparently a remake of the immensely popular South Korean action thriller The Outlaws released in 2017 and twisted unsuccessfully to suit the present day crime scenario of Mumbai where a heavily drug abused city is left to be cleaned up by the notorious but superman like suspended cop Radhe played by Salman Khan. In this journey, you would also meet a comical and insecured senior police officer played by Jackie Shroff, a bubble headed glamorous heroine half the age of Salman Khan ( as always!) romancing and dancing and showing her super slim barely clothed body and uttering pointless dialogues all along the movie, some peppy music to shake your leg in between which adds nothing to the plot itself and simply distracting one’s concentration from the movie in the most torturous way and finally, a very brutal yet very stylish antagonist, the infamous drug peddling boss of Radhe movie, played very suavely by Randeep Hooda. First thing first, The Salman Khan, the self proclaimed Bhai himself! It is simply a pain in the ass to watch the shadow of the myth once really known all over India by these two Big words, Salman Khan! Other than uttering the famous dialogues from his earlier popular movies, the mandatory show of his shirtless bare chested body (which seemed more like a digitally enhanced piece of work here) and just being Salman Khan, he did absolutely Nothing here! He simply didn’t bother to act even, which he hardly does anyway, and just threw his trademark swag and style throughout the movie, which unfortunately fell flat this time and the bubble burst pathetically. Also using an auspiciously celebrated Hindu name like Radhe for the character here and then wishing an Eid Mubarak staring straight to the audience through screen is just a very cleverly manipulated cheap secular trick used only to market this devastating movie in the sickest possible way. There was another yesteryear superstar for decades in this movie too, and that is, The Jackie Shroff. I have only one single question to him actually. How could you dance in a slinky mini dress in Salman Khan’s arms here? Nothing else comes to my mind at all after seeing this! This one scene is possibly expected to induce some gross humour here, but in reality, it’s just a downright insult to all your dedicated fans out there, specially after watching you so admirably delivering one of the most powerful and hard hitting stellar performance of today in the recent web series Criminal Justice. The nation really wants to know the answer now and you simply owe it to them! Disha Patani played the typically objectified brainless heroine here who just adds some glossy glamour and non humorous comic relief through out the whole movie, only to halt the pace of the movie in the most distracting manner. After the memorable performance of her in M.S. Dhoni : TheUntold Story in 2016 and winning the best female debut award on almost every award functions that year so deservingly, this kind of role choices only raises some serious questions about the actor’s consistency of movie selections and personal work ethics as well. Randeep Hooda played the much hated and linearly sketched antagonist here, and brutally so. Though he had nothing much to do here other than just rampantly killing and strutting suavely the whole time, but he shines through anyway. He just played his assigned part alright as per the senseless script here, but this particular choice of role is hardly expected of him after having some great movies in his credit already like Highway in 2014.

The last but definitely not the least, The Zee Studios and the Zee web platform. ZEE5 is offering its audience a full year Zee5 Premium subscription at 499 only if you watch the movie Radhe: Your
Most Wanted Bhai at a stretch within four hours from its start. This in your face marketing strategy is not only sickeningly cheap but utterly disgraceful also to the genuine cinema lovers all around the globe. Not only the movie is unwatchable and flimsy in all aspects, story wise, script wise as well as technically, but the sheer audacity of diluting the gravity of a supremely important subject of drug abuse affecting the youth of this country and the Bollywood industry itself for years now is simply not acceptable. The movie was announced in late 2019 and was originally scheduled to get released in May, 2020, coinciding shockingly with the fatal incident of a very promising young actor of the industry that time due to potential drug overdose. The audience inarguably deserved more. Also, this is a very grave time for mankind today all over the world and the signals started coming from late 2019 itself. In this unprecedented dark days of Human History once again in last 100 years, how dare a so called big production house like Salman Khan( ironically the Being Human ambassador and founder himself) and team can dish out such a weightless mindless audacious piece of shit and play so shamelessly with the emotions and valuable time of all the movie loving audience across this country? The answer is Due.

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