10 Hills Studio, the urban fashion and lifestyle brand dwells with the following brands given underneath:

 10 Hills Studio, the urban fashion and lifestyle brand dwells with the following brands given underneath:

Located at 24K Sartaj Basar Road, 10 Hills Studio is a capacious and comfortable 1200 sq. ft. space that houses urban fashion and lifestyle brands. This boutique, curated by a brother-sister duo Rohan and Mihika Raj Agarwal, is already a brilliant addition to Kolkata’s overwhelming couture scene. It is a complete made-in-India concept store that opened recently and has something unique to offer to its guests. The store offers a whole range of products that will fulfill the cravings of any compulsive shopper.

India is a market bubbling with unbridled creativity and immense growth potential. 10 Hills Studio focuses on the inventiveness and talent that our country possesses. Being a diverse country, this fact is visibly prominent that the Indian lifestyle glorifies the global image. The emergence of fusion wear has revolutionized the Indian fashion industry. Today, people look for contemporary styles and vintage charm to blend in. With the growing rise of street-style daily wear in India, urban wear has become a favourite commodity. Being evolved from the rise of hip-hop and street art, Indian streetwear has picked up elements from the West. The western influence blended with Indian textile and styling is all about the variations found in 10 Hills Studio.

In recent years, Indian hand-made products have emerged as a major potential that apparently possess meeting new kinds of consumer demands. Hand-made products have an ancient lineage in India. The country is an immense and diverse reservoir of crafts people and local businesses using traditional manufacturing techniques. 10 Hills Studio is clearly an inspiration from the made-in-India concept so that it can provide more employment thereby increasing the purchasing power among the local people. The store distinctively supports local business as their survival ensures the livelihood of communities, the creation of meaningful jobs and the support of makers. Also, shopping from a local business provides a better customer experience and people can receive more personalized service and unique products. You can get a glimpse of these products by visiting the studio, and it can be a great way to make these beautiful products a part of your house/office.
10 Hills Studio is so much more than just a shop. It is a full-blown experience! Though it’s a new concept in the city, the presence of home-grown stores like 10 Hills Studio will turn out to be a breath of fresh air with an aesthetic appeal to make it a go-to destination. It will provide the right option to check various things in one place. Successively, the products will weave together a completely new and utterly enthralling world that waits to be explored.

MICHELLE ALEXANDER: Michelle Alexander is a high-quality western style statement jewelry brand. Their jewelry is inspired from Perfect Imperfections. The brand believes nothing in nature is perfect and it is important to represent that imperfection in their products. These imperfections are perfectly crafted in their products to make it seem like they are antiquated heirloom pieces that have been handed down through generations.

BOMBAY SOCKS CO.: Bombay Socks co. is a start-up on a simple mission that is to make good quality comfort socks, sourced from some of the finest and softest yarns produced in India.
A SKATING MONK: A Skating Monk plans to enrich the homegrown sneaker game, through its eclectic designs. An initiative to bring in the best of technology and style into the country. The brand is bound to make heads turn.

CURRY STUDIO: Curry Studio Shop is an online concept store and independent publishing studio co-founded by a sister’s duo. Curry Shop drops new capsules of products every few months in different materials to cater to their audiences changing behaviours and trends. Curry Studio is their independent publishing wing where they publish online features and physical books on design and culture.

BOMAACHI – LET THEM JUDGE: The brand is all about breaking the stereotypes, breaking the cultural barriers, letting people around you judge you, but you not changing your decisions or doings on the basis on other people’s judgements and opinions. Be real, raw, and weird. You must establish who you want to be in this life. Don’t be who they tell you should be.


BOMBAY PERFUMERY: Bombay perfumery is a progressive fine fragrance house based in Mumbai. The fragrances are created using the finest perfumery naturals sourced in person across the world. The fragrance house aims to put a spotlight on these naturals and their journey from farm to bottle, through creations that are modern in aesthetic and appeal yet very India at heart.

FERNWEH: Fernweh is a luxury essential brand. They believe”Odours have power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions or will.” Each Fernweh fragrance is a blend of finest palette of ingredients that provides the best quality an experience.

FOAMO-IS: FOAMO-IS Bath Essentials a passion project, started by two sisters, Isha and Siddhi Kapoor who wish to spread love and happiness as they bring to you their handmade bath essentials. The brand not only bring to your products with organic and natural ingredients but also aesthetically attractive to the eye, with a variety of colors, shapes, fragrances and essential oils which is nourishing and gentle to the skin.

MANDALAS BY DIVDRISHT: Divdrisht Kaur Suri have conducted over 500 mandala workshops, globally, in 10 countries, over the past 4 years and have been featured in The Hindu and Telegraph for the same.She is also a part of the Mandala art Team with Brustro Official India and Artroom Kolkata and have organized workshops and mandala videos for Google, Amazon, Byju’s, Myntra, PWC and HSBC India.

KAVITH SAINAANI: Kavith Sainaani is India’s first independent luxury footwear and accessories designer. His namesake brand – KAVITH, is an amalgamation of his ability to identify footwear trends and create non-hype shoe and accessory designs that are one-of-one.

NOO NOO: NOONOO® is a concept men’s fashion brand. Their creativity is guided by their reverence for distinctive styles and love for tailored & custom fits. They exude curiosities and are characterized by vigorously imaginative artistic styles. Every collection is carefully thought thru and designed to blend the classic into modern chic.

KOLLAB: Kollab is a contemporary fashion label with roots in street culture and Hip Hop. Bringing in various influences across art, culture, fashion across history and present times with the bold display of brandmarks and use of premium fabrics, define the DNA of the brand. Kollab is a brand whose hero is the artist.

SAHIL ANEJA: Since its inception in 2012, “Sahil Aneja” has been modern fashion brand in India, which aims to revolutionize the concept of fashion. Being male led, the brand aims to bring to the forefront the fusion & fashion of the Indian man’s needs in the global forefront.

LE MIRA: Le Mira is a home-grown brand that makes functional leather products designed and hand made by Indian artisans. With a range of colors and styles, they add a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

THREE SISTERS ORGANICS: Three Sisters Organics is a completely organic brand which provides genuine solutions to problems by making pure and fresh products available to people. The company provides naturally pressed oils to the consumers. Three Sisters Organics is continuously working to make fresh and pure products available for people. It was the idea of Muskan Marwaha to provide pure products directly from the farm to people at their homes. This idea motivated her to start her own company, Three Sisters Organics. She says that the idea of Three Sisters Organic has its roots in her grandmother’s teachings.

LETTERS BY AME: Amy, a calligraphy artist based out of Calcutta, started a brand of hand-curated letters, note cards, cards, postcards! Being a part of a city that is so rich in literary heritage, LettersByAme brings together the lost art of writing and adds a fun, modern and quirky touch to it. Branching out to wider product ranges, it also has its own digital collection and wedding stationery.

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