Who would not like juicy, tender pieces of meat in tangy Indian masala curry with ginger and indian spices tingling your taste buds? Sounds tempting? Indian culinary tradition boasts of authentic delicious recipes that are bound to satisfy every palate. The carefully crafted traditional spicy laced food gives a delicious and wholesome balance to our heart. If you have been looking for indulging in authentic flavours from the land of five rivers then order from Swiggy and Zomato, located in Jessore road. It will be a delightful experience for all the food lovers of the city as they could eat varieties of traditional Punjabi dishes. This Cloud Kitchen is all set to take the foodies on an extraordinary voyage to taste the flavoursome dishes of Punjab.
The dishes are specially curated with delicious creations that comes straight from the kitchen of Punjab Chowk and every food will be known for their distinctive taste and flavours with a
plethora of meat and vegetarian delicacies. To savour the myriad range of starters that will be served straight from the hot steaming tandoors, the special Murgh MalaiKebab and Amritsari
Macchi will further enhance the mood. Before one could get enough of the taste of the starters, there will be an array of main course delights. Starting with the non-vegetarian dishes, they have the classic Butter Chicken which is soft tender pieces of chicken prepared in a buttery gravy with the addition of cream gives the curry sauce a silky smooth and rich texture.

To accompany with the creamy butter chicken, it can be paired with Mirchi laccha Parantha. Keema Kaleji Masala is another wonder of this place that can go very well with Amritsari Parantha. But the winning dish over here stands out to be Rarha Gosht – a perfectly blended sumptious gravy with tender mutton pieces in it. A passionate and splendid dish to enjoy. Coming to the vegetarian dishes, it’s time for Pindicholey Chawal that carries an authentic rural flavour of the roots of Punjab. Next it was the turn of Dal Makhaniservedwith Stuffed Paranthas. To get the true taste of the land, it’s history and it’s culture, one should place the order from Swiggy and Zomato of the virtual kitchen,located in Jessore Road as they are an expert at giving a special touch to all the dishes they cook. The finger-licking and lip-smacking flavoursome recipes, together with decor, replicate North-Indian food and culture in Kolkata. Ongoing offer: Buy one and get one freeon Zomato from 11:00AM onwards on starters, rice bowls and night owls can enjoy all night special menu. The food is safe and hygienic from our kitchen. We know how important it is to maintain the
safety protocols these days and we are doing our best to keep it at the best. A daily temperature check for all the kitchen and delivery staff is being done. Our staffs have increased the frequency of washing hands at recurring intervals. Along with that, the sanitization of the kitchen and its surface has gone up to once every hour. The food is sealed and delivered in tamper-proof packaging to avoid contamination. In conclusion to reiterate, authentic flavours of Punjab will be delivered at your doorstep with utmost care.

Punjab Chowk | Kolkata
Cost for one:Rs 300/- (approx)
We’re open on: All Days
Timing: 11 am to 11 pm (Regular Menu)
11 pm to 5am (Night special combo)

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