online Hemophilia Management Summit

 online Hemophilia Management Summit
The summit is a step towards connecting and reaching out to the larger community involving, people with hemophilia, physicians, doctors and policy makers.  Divided into four different regions – North, West, East and South. Each summit, presented a very accurate picture of what the community needs and promote perspectives that generate progressive ideas and opportunities.
The area of focus in the eastern region summit was Joint health, join pain, and management of muscle and IC bleeds in hemophilia. The summit also highlighted operational aspects of setting up an HTC/ HCCC in Government Hospitals in the eastern part of the country.
The summit began with a brief address by Mr. Mukesh Garodia, President, HFI,” Talking about the eastern region, it has been amazing to see such a drastic progress both in discovering new hemophiliacs and regularization of home therapy, especially in Assam and Orrisa. We continue to provide exposure to hemophiliacs in remote corners of the eastern part of the country.”
Followed by Mr. Garodia’s address, a panel discussion on “Physiotherapy for PWH setting up PT unit for PWH – How, When, Home PT, specific issues” with Mr. Tapan Badyakar, Durgapur; Mr. Balakishor, Bhubaneshwar; and Mr. Wasim, Dibrugarh.
Apart from this, another extensive discussion was initiated on opportunities and challenges ahead of setting up HTC/ HCCC’s, individual sessions were also initiated by Dr. Anupam Dutta on Outcome assessment, Dr. Ashutosh Panigrahi, on management of IC bleed.
On the closing of the summit, Ms. Nilovna Ghosh, from Takeda shared, “We have a long standing partnership with HFI that we greatly value at Takeda, as we pay a lot of impetus on collaborative initiatives that we have ongoing and upcoming. We are a highly patient centric global company, and in the space of Hemophilia we have been working on bringing innovation.”

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