April not only heralds the start of a new financial year, but it also kicks off state-wide celebrations ushering in the Bengali New Year, officially known as ‘Poila Boishakh’. It falls in the second week of April every year. And for a Bengali, every occasion warrants a beanfeast – festivities steeped in delectable cuisines. Thus, Lord of the Drinks, Kolkata is serving mouth-watering dishes and more to commemorate this joyous moment.

Lord of the Drinks is the 11th outlet of the largest chain of restaurants in India. It is known to have the tallest bar in the City and is located in the hip and happening South City Mall. The 40 ft. high double-height bar has an upper frame for the bartenders, and the lower platform is for the public to enjoy their time while they gorge on sumptuous platters. This New Year, soak in the spirit of Bangaliana with Lord of the Drinks – Kolkata, as they present to you their ‘Bengali Food Fest’ for the most awaited festival of the Bengalis – ‘Poila Boishakh’. The restaurant is best known
for its incredible list of veritable, fusion gourmet food and its specially handcrafted cocktails. Underlining the Bengali theme, the upcoming Poila Boishakh menu covers the widespread Bengali classic dishes with a twist in taste that will take the feast to a whole new level. From the succulent Kosha Mangsho to the piquant Bhetki Paturi, they have it all. The restaurant is introducing
brand new appetizers like ‘Kasundi Marinated Fried Fish’ (fish marinated in homemade mustard sauce, coated in panko breadcrumbs, and then fried & served with shorshe mayo & laccha doi onion). You can also try ‘Kucho Chingri Cheese Churmur’ (Shrimps marinated in Bengali garam masala, coriander, cheese, and coated with cornflakes, fried & served with chatpata mayo) and the delicious ‘Mochar Croquette’ (traditionally known as mochar chop (plantain flower coated in panko crumbs, fried and served with pudina mayo). Coming to the seafood appetizers, the restaurant has come up with exquisite food items like ‘Gondhoraj Malai Fish Tikka’ (Bhetki marinated in curd, malai masala, gondhoraj zest, gel chutney, and served with papad & salad) and ‘Tandoori Baby Bhetki’ (Baby Kolkata bhetki marinated in curd and laal mirch). The latter is a Lord’s special and a must-try when you visit this place! One can also relish the taste of ‘Chili Coriander Tossed Fried Calamari’ (Crispy fried calamari made with homemade coriander sauce).

The main course entails every quintessential Bengali dishes like ‘Prawn Malai Curry’(Golda chingri cooked in a creamy curry flavored with spices, coconut milk, and served with steamed rice), ‘Bhetki Paturi With Steamed Rice’ (Kolkata bhetki marinated with ground mustard, green chili, mustard oil, poppy seeds, and wrapped in a banana leaf), Sorshe Ilish (Hilsa marinated in mustard gravy & served with steamed rice), and lastly, the exemplary ‘Kosha Mangsho With Basanti Pulao’ (an all-time favorite of the Bengalis). Bengalis are hooked to sweets, and thus no Bengali feast is complete without desserts. Hence the restaurant has come up with ‘Rasmalai Panna Cotta’ (a chef’s special) to provide a gratifying ending to your meal. ‘Poila Boishakh’ is an appropriate time for a rejuvenating family celebration. Lord of the Drinks has curated this exciting menu to offer an exceptional experience to its guests on this significant occasion. It features a fascinating variety of traditional and multicuisine dishes, including delectable desserts and entrées. “Being an integral part of Kolkata’s dining scene, we felt it was our duty to launch this special menu to uphold the spirit of this festive occasion and spread the bliss and radiance of Noboborsho”, said Mrs. Vanita Bajoria & Mr. Amit Bajoria, Directors, Lord of The Drinks, Kolkata. Recently, the cast of the film ‘Ei Ami Renu’ was present at the restaurant for promotion. Sohini Sarkar, Gaurav Chakrabarty, and Alivia Sarkar glammed up the floor of this gastro-lounge and indulged in the ‘Poila Boishakh’

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