“Balance is Key” – Mini Mathur’s mantra to parenting

 “Balance is Key” – Mini Mathur’s mantra to parenting

Parenting is often deemed as the hardest job in the world. The pandemic, subsequent lockdown and now a second wave of COVID brought a new set of challenges. Confined to the walls of the house, horrors of idling and long screen-time became a reality.

We spoke to actress Mini Mathur who decided to be an optimist, focus on the positives and not give in to pressure.

“We have never had such extended exposure to our kids. They learned how to run a home and cope in an unprecedented crisis. Our dining table conversations went into hours with them ACTUALLY listening. They empathized with what was happening with the less privileged and realized how lucky they are”, the actress said.

She was most impressed that her children were aware of their privilege and shaved off their entitlement on their own.

Mini has been hosting shows and doing interviews remotely. Speaking about working from home and virtual dependency she said, “Digital technology has become an inevitable part of life. Both Kabir and I are dependent on it. Our kids stepped in to show us what they already knew.”

Mini believes not being adept with tech is like learning life skills with your hands tied behind your back. “My daughter Sarah learns four hours of dance (online), five times a week. She also agreed to a trial class of coding and enjoyed it so much that I enrolled with WhiteHat Jr. in haste before she changed her mind. I’ve never stressed the kids with ‘you must do this’ ever, but if the classes in coding interest the kids then it should be encouraged”

Mini added that despite the boons of tech, she is concerned about screen time and likes to regulate it. She makes sure the children play sports and go to the gym. “Balance is key. Balance the physical, digital, emotional and you’re good”, said the actress as she signed off.

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