Singer Chandrika Bhattacharya’s new Music Video “Ki Cheye Ki Peyechi” is out now on her YouTube channel.

Singer Chandrika Bhattacharya's new Music Video "Ki Cheye Ki Peyechi" is out now on her YouTube channel.
Singer Chandrika Bhattacharya‘s new Music Video “Ki Cheye Ki Peyechi“কি চেয়ে কি  পেয়েছি” is out now on her YouTube channel. Presented by Chandrika Bhattacharya Productions Chandrika Bhattacharya said that, “Music has been my childhood partner. There were no efforts needed to set music as something very close to me  or to set up any habits to make it feel a part of my life as I have been very fortunate enough to grow up within musical ambience. For the last four years I have experienced & observed life with a learning curve through various daily incidents and that immensely helped me to grow my sense of dependence and emotional reliability on my music. Being a singer by profession, we do get ample opportunities to deliver songs of various moods, categories & genres etc. where we have to play the characters we are supposed to as demanded unlike our own mind set up. But I always eagerly wanted to offer songs to my audience, songs which are close to me and which justify my philosophy and realization towards life. Conceiving this idea of my kind of music within my mind and nurturing it with lots of love & care is what resulted in what we call nowadays as ‘Independent Music” and thus the arrival of  ‘Chandrika Bhattacharya Productions’. ‘Ki Cheye Ki Peyecchi’ is primarily a Bengali Ghazal-oriented offering, which I feel circles around most of our life philosophy & realization. Composed and Penned by Sri Biswarup Ghosh Dastidar, this composition will remain very close to me forever. While conceptualizing the video incorporated for this song, both of us namely Aditya & me had to brainstorm through a lot of ideas as generally a typical failed love story comes up on the mind of the listener while listening to the song and which was my point of strong objection. Story of ‘Non- accomplishment’ & typically ‘No Love’ can never be finite only within relationship between men & women but to many other important and undeniable aspects of life. And there itself the story revolving around the equation between expectations & accomplishments of our mothers came into play and based on that we framed it.
I am overwhelmed with the kind of support I received from my team members who are connected to this project and who made it possible in various ways to shape my brainchild, give it a form for this humble offering. Now it’s my turn to get your feedback and comments about how you feel about this song.”

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