Basically It is a Love story of Adi (Jeetu Kamal) & Joyee (Sampurnaa Mandal). Aditya Narayan Lahiri is a celebrity lawyer where his father Shib Narayan Lahiri (Bipalab Dasgupta)is Judge, Brother Indra Narayan Lahiri (Palash Ganguly) is also a lawyer, Mother Sutanuka Lahiri (Choity Ghoshal) is a social worker & Sister in Law, Swati (Sayantani Sengupta) was a working woman also.

Janhabi Banerjee/ Joyee comes from a middle class family. She stays with her mother Anupama (Chumki Chowdhury), who is a nurse. & she has two sisters Sumi (Shilpa) & Ruhi (Somasree).  Joyee has a bad past with her father, who left them 20 years ago for three girl children. He wanted a Boy child.  Joyee is an intern lawyer under Babhotosh Lahiri (Bodhiswatta Mazumder) & her motto is to punish her father.

In this situation Adi met Joyee in court.
Behalf of Bhabotosh Lahiri Joyee wins

Rest to be continued

Lead – Jeetu Kamal, Sampurna Mandal
Second Lead- Sourav Chatterjee (Sujoy), Nisha Poddar (Riya)
Others- Choity Ghoshal (Hero’s Mother), Chumki Chowdhury (Heroine’s Mother), Biplab Dasgupta (Hero’s Father), Sayantani Sengupta (Hero’s Sister in law), Palash Ganguly (Hero’s Brother), Krishnakishore Mukherjee (Heroine’s Father), Bodhiswatta Majumder (Senior Lawyer) etc

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