Shieladitya Moulik’s upcoming short film “Swad Anusar” is out now.

 Shieladitya Moulik’s upcoming short film “Swad Anusar” is out now.

A rich business man thinks he has been killed by someone. But he can breathe, feel, walk. And even talk. In fact, barring a slight pain in the injury on his forehead, there’s nothing unusual. Probably, a blow in the head during the ‘murder’ he lost his memory and can’t remember anything about the incident. The weirdness becomes prominent when he comes back home emerging from the water body where his corpse was thrown away. And no one at home believes in his story.

Not only that, but also the injuries and the blood spots on his shirt are absolutely invisible to everyone’s eyes except for his own. As he struggles to make his family (consisting of his wife, sister-in-law and her boyfriend) be convinced that he has actually come back from the death, he realises that there’s something fishy about the way they are behaving.

Has his own family conspired to kill him? He gets some visuals in his memory, suggesting that. But the family ridicules his ‘baseless’ allegation, and asks him to have his dinner instead. On the dining table our man dies, as we finally realise that it was indeed his family who have been trying to get rid of him but he keeps coming back. The family admits when he falls on the plate of food, after consuming the poison, his wife mixed in his dinner – swad anusar! Little that the family knows, he is going to come back again and this time with a bigger vengeance.  

After the massive success of Bharam with more than 60 million views on Facebook, the team is back with another gripping tale. 


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Swastika Mukherjee as Mamta

Kan Singh Sondha as Sreekanth

Anuradha Mukherjee as Mansi

Shoaib Kabeer as Neeraj


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