“Burning Butterflies” written and directed by Shailik Bhaumik

 “Burning Butterflies” written and directed by Shailik Bhaumik

Burning Butterflies is a nihilistic psychological thriller. The film unfolds the story of a couple who come out from the city by car and heading towards Mahendragarh. Their car breaks down on the way in a deserted location. Since then a lot of weird things have happened with them.  The core concept of the film comes from existential philosophical crisis.

In this technology driven 21st century our lives have become uncertain where anything can happen at any place any moment. All we are heading towards an uncertain world where death may come at any moment. The story of this film is told in a very nihilistic way which is very prominent in present generations’ mind. Besides the script, Production design, Photography, VFX and costume is very vital in this film.

Cast: Sourav Das, Sourav Chakraborty, Deboprasad Halder, Anindya Chatterjee, Debesh Roy Chowdhury and Ritisha Ganguly.


Associate Director: Saptarshi Paul, Subhodeep Ghosh
Production designer: Rishi
Director of photography: Subhadeep Naskar
Editor: Arghakamal Mitra

VFX: Techno Speciality Media Pvt Ltd.
Music Composer: Nabarun Bose

Publicity Design: Blooming Oyster

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