Ekdalia Cocina is serving a comprehensive seafood menu all day long this winter. It consists of delectable dishes that are bound to stimulate your taste buds. If you have an affinity toward seafood, you will relish the authentic charm of all the delicacies prepared and served here. Thus, if you share your love for fish and crustaceans, Ekdalia Cocina is your go-to place. If you do not possess much interest in seafood cuisine, then you also must visit this casual dining restaurant and try out its exceptional nouvelle cuisine.
Ekdalia will be serving some mouthwatering dishes like Yellow Fin Tuna Steak, which consists of fresh Tuna marinated in in-house spices and grilled to perfection. It is served with herb rice and sautéed veggies. Also in the offering are a few other tuna dishes like Tuna Sandwich, which has shredded Tuna furnished with in-house sandwich spread and vegetables and set on a bed of lettuce. It is placed between slices of mild roasted slices of bread and is served with potato wedges and in-house dips. Tuna Burger is made up of sliced fresh Tuna, which is marinated in in-house spices and crumb fried. It is put inside a burger bun and dressed with mayonnaise, veggies, and a slice of cheese. It is also served with potato wedges and dips. Tuna Salad is made of a julienne of assorted veggies mixed with slices of fresh Tuna (steamed) and is served with in-house dressing. Apart from Tuna, Ekdalia also has Seafood Pasta on the menu. It consists of assorted fish and prawns, cooked in cheesy white sauce and put together with a choice of fresh fettuccine or penne pasta. It is served with garlic bread. For the lobster lovers, this place has two exceptional dishes — Grilled Lobster & Lobster Thermidor. Lobster Thermidor consists of fresh lobster meat, cooked in white sauce with other veggies and served in a lobster shell. It is accompanied by herb rice or spaghetti. Grilled Lobster is prepared with lobster meat cooked in in-house sauce, assembled in the shell, and grilled to perfection. Similarly, it is also served with herb rice or spaghetti as accompaniments. Ekdalia is all set to serve Whole Jumbo Crabs too. Jumbo crabs are cooked with in-house sauce and served with a choice of herb rice or mashed potatoes. If you have a thing for Bhetki, you can delight your senses with Stuffed Whole Bhetki. A whole bhetki is stuffed with a creamy sauce, prawns, and veggies, and steamed/grilled according to choice. It is served with peanut butter rice.

“Ekdalia Cocina specializes in the art of seafood cuisine, and our platters are scrupulously curated to provide you the best experience. We have come up with some exceptional seafood dishes that will make you fall in love with the cuisine. Visit us to explore the underwater world”, added chef and owner Spandan Sarkar. So, don’t even think twice! Just pay a visit to Ekdalia Cocina and enjoy the delicious seafood preparations here.

EKDALIA COCINA Address: 4/2 Ekdalia Road, Gariahat Ballygunge, Kolkata – 700019 Cost for Two: Rs. 550 (approx.) We’re open: Monday- Sunday Timing: From 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM

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