Biswarup Biswas has framed what the Youth needs to witness

 Biswarup Biswas has framed what the Youth needs to witness

Biler Diary the Bengali film that had hit the theatres over Bengal during winters of 2017, is back at Nandan the very place where it was first premiered. A special screening of the film is scheduled on 12th January to celebrate the National Youth Day on the birth anniversary of the Indian monk Swami Vivekananda.

Biswarup Biswas, the director of the film along with his team and some major cast including Samadarshi Dutta who played the protagonist character of Belay in the film will be attending this screening of the film

This film has been known to have already faced several film festivals and has been a part of the official selections in 8 film festivals including the very Kolkata International children’s film festival. But this time it is in the official invitation category of the 26th Kolkata International film festival

Several people coming out of the theatres in 2017 has wished and hoped to watch this film again but its unavailability over any OTT platform or TV channels has left people commenting on the YouTube and Facebook pages asking for a link to the film

So it is well expected that a lot of Kolkata people will be happy to have this film and part of the renowned film festival.

Let’s have a look at the official trailer –




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