Located in the party hub of Kolkata, the gleaming, notable logo of Hard Rock Cafe quite predictably grabs your eyeballs. If you ascend the stairs and enter the iconic chain’s outlet, an exhibition of memorabilia belonging to legendary musicians like Elvis Presley, Madonna, etc., is bound to leave you awestruck for a few minutes. Hard Rock Cafe has always been popular among music lovers for its Rock ‘n’ Roll theme

"Ei Ami Renu" written by renowned writer Samaresh Mazumdar

Based on the novel “Ei Ami Renu” written by renowned writer Samaresh Mazumdar. The time is the ’80s, the backdrop is of old Kolkata. No tv or cell phone. Four friends- Sumit an introvert who came from a village to study in Calcutta University and stays in a mess. Central character Renu is from a middle-class conservative family from North Kolkata. Ashok is dashing straightforward and Jhuma is very outgoing and belongs to a

“Balance is Key” – Mini Mathur’s mantra to parenting

Parenting is often deemed as the hardest job in the world. The pandemic, subsequent lockdown and now a second wave of COVID brought a new set of challenges. Confined to the walls of the house, horrors of idling and long screen-time became a reality. We spoke to actress Mini Mathur who decided to be an optimist, focus on the positives and not give in to pressure. “We have never had


Holi brings a fresh burst of colours in everyone's heart. Colours of spring, colours of life, love and newness. We celebrate those colours as the season itself gets celebratory. And what is celebration without food? Spring is the season of newness and freshness. And the celebratory menu should also be fresh, new. Right? Keeping that in mind these restaurants in Kolkata, have come up with their delectable Holi offerings for

Sundarboner Goppo is an upcoming Bengali flick

Sundarboner Goppo is an upcoming Bengali flick. A film by Pradip Mistri. The movie genre is fresh piece on the issue of Sundarban dacoits and extremely difficult survival. The film has been sent to numerous prestigious film festivals. The film is Produced under the banner of Shree Krishna International Films & Destination Pictures by Shubhankar Biswas and S.K MandalDirector Of Photography is Priyoranjan Behra. Music is Directed by Prashenjit Dey.

Upcoming Bengali flick Adelante just wrapped up its shooting

Upcoming Bengali flick Adelante just wrapped up its shooting. A film is Written and Directed by Ranadeep Sarker. Produced by Ankit Chowdhury under the banner of Pushkar CreationSuzi Bhowmik, Sayantani Guha Thakurata And Abhinandan Sarkar shared the screen together. The film is about a Suzi, a transgender women who is being tortured and harassed both physically and mentally by the society apparently. For that reason she develops a suicidal ideation.

Grand Premiere of Short film BYLANE

Kolkata, 21st March, 2021: Off the spectrum organised a special screening of Grand Premiere of Shortfilm BYLANE- Story of changing the lane in a relationship, directed by Dipanwita Sengupta. The event was attended by the cast and crew of the movie and also Actress Madhobi Mukherjee, Piloo Bhattacharya, Mallar Ghosh, Mallika Ghosh, Indrani Ganguly, Poet Tanmoy Chakraborty and Bobbie Prasad. All the seven casts of the short film are Dipanwita Sengupta

The Bauls of Bengal have kept their philosophies alive for over a 1000 years

An epic documentary feature film on the mystic music traditions of over a thousand years of the Bauls of Bengal.  Bauls are a nonconformist sect having gurus (mentors) but no dogmas, rituals, religious institutions or scriptures. Their path to God or spirituality is defined through music. Declared as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, The Bauls of Bengal have kept their philosophies alive for over a 1000 years, but modern demands threaten

T-SERIES announced song release for AAYI HOLI, SRG is in high colors

Suvendu Raj Ghosh, aka SRG, is about to release his new music video on Holi Festival from T-SERIES. Singer of this song, Dilann steps into his first music video AAYI HOLI directed by SRG, which is composed by Sourav Babai Chakraborty. The song is choreographed by Rishi, and starring with Chittrali Das, Sukanya Datta, Raja Sarkar and Ricky Tewari. On an exclusive interview with SRG, he said, Dilann is like

Lounge 31A is all set for its Calcutta Edition

Lounge 31A, a Sikkim based restaurant and lounge chain, is all set for its Calcutta Edition to win the heart of the city. Present on the occasion was Ms. Nusrat Jahan, Popular Tollywood Actress as well as Mr. Yankesh Pant, Founder, Lounge 31A Group, Mr. Bishal Buddha Basnett, Owner, Calcutta Edition Lounge 31A, Mr. Vishal Chettri, Owner, Lounge 31A, Calcutta Edition, and Chef Suresh Kuwar, Head Chef, Lounge 31A, Calcutta