All Day Breakfast Scene at Ekdalia Cocina

 All Day Breakfast Scene at Ekdalia Cocina

Ekdalia Cocina is serving a comprehensive breakfast menu all day long, which consists of a delectable breakfast platter and a few other tasty dishes to titillate your taste buds. The famous Breakfast Platter of Ekdalia Cocina (consisting of Toast, Jam, Butter, Eggs, Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Potato Wedges, Baked Beans, Grilled Tomato, Sautéed Mushroom, Muffins, and Juice/Tea) is savory as well as filling at the same time. They are also serving a Mini Platter (consisting of Toast, Jam, Butter, Egg, Muffin, and Juice /Tea), which has comparatively fewer items than their premier offering but doesn’t compromise on the savory quotient. So, people who are averse to gourmandizing can happily opt for the mini platter. Breakfast and eggs have a special connection, and a hearty breakfast is incomplete without the whites and the yolks. Keeping this in mind, the owner of Ekdalia Cocina has planned egg-based dishes for the gastronomes. They are serving Boiled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Masala Omelette, and Sunny Side Up (each of them consisting of 2 eggs). An option for add-ons like ham, bacon, sausages, chicken, and mushroom are also at one’s disposal. Ekdalia Cocina is also serving the toothsome Eggs Benedict, the classic American breakfast dish, which consists of English muffins packed with poached eggs and bacon and topped with hollandaise sauce.

There’s good news for people who have a special affinity for South Indian food! Ekdalia Cocina is offering the South Indian staples like Plain dosa and Masala dosa. Along with the dosas, they also have Uttapam on their menu. So, one can also relish authentic South Indian dishes here.

A hearty breakfast is never complete without a touch of desserts. Ekdalia Cocina is serving Pancakes with Honey Maple Syrup, which is an American style fluffy pancake made from sweet batter. Pancake with Fruits is another dish that you must try. It consists of fluffy sweet pancakes with fresh cuts of seasonal fruits. But if you are not a pancake lover, then you can ditch them for scrummy waffles like Waffles with Chocolate Sauce and Waffles with Ice cream. You get to choose between waffles and pancakes, isn’t that great? “Out of home breakfast has always been a trend in our city, keeping in mind our customer’s needs, we are offering our breakfast menu with a range of options to present a quick breakfast selection. Our priority is to provide overall value with a good restaurant experience to the guests, by offering fresh, great-tasting food with friendly service, in a welcoming, comfortable environment.” added Chef and Owner Spandan Sarkar. Without any second thoughts, come and visit us along with your friends and family. Relish these tasty delicacies and have a filling breakfast with us. We are serving all day long, so you can hop in at any given time and have a good time with your loved ones, munching away on the savories we are offering.

Address: 4/2 Ekdalia Road, Gariahat
Ballygunge, Kolkata – 700019
Cost For Two: Rs. 550 (approx.)
We’re open: Monday- Sunday
Breakfast Timing: From 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM (All Day)

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