‘Soti Ar phirbe na’ – shoot stars from December 2020

 ‘Soti Ar phirbe na’ – shoot stars from December 2020
Newborn babies have been missing for 6 months in and near Chandipur gram. Every infant missing within 1 hour of their birth. Police are trying their best to restrict it but cannot. After Yuva Neta’s newborn went missing the police became more alert. The Oc is on leave that is why the full responsibility is now upon Sub-inspector Mainak Banerjee. A detective named Keshav in that area is trying to help Mainak. Mainak and Keshav are trying to solve this curious case. 
Cast & Crew details 
Direction – The renowned poster designer Avi Mitra. 
Script – Tarashree
DOP – *Chayan Karmokar*
Cast – Jammy Banerjee, Sourav Bittu, 
Gourab Chakraborty.
Jammy has done a role in ‘Lal Bazar’, ‘Kidnap’ and many other movies.  
Sourav Bittu has acted in many cinemas like
 ‘ Bibaho Obhijaan’, ‘Uma’, ‘Hami’ others
About the Director: 
Avi Mitra has done Poster designs of Bengali cinemas like ‘Khoka 420’, ‘Hero 420’, ‘Kanamachi‘, ‘Khiladi’ and also he has been a part of the Poster Designing team of some Bollywood movies like ‘Munna Michael’, ‘Judwa 2′,
 ‘Babumoshai Bandukbaz‘, ‘Newton’.
This is an independent film made from their heart and soul. Avi wants to work with actors from theatres. 
The Shooting will start from the second week of December 2020.

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