Symi is all set to open its doors for the gourmets and gastronomes to come in and feel the vibes of Greece in the plush alleys of Doverlane. Thanks to the owners Trishna Mukherjee and seasoned restaurateur Deblina Chakrabarty, people will now get more than a whiff of the inimitable charm of the tiny island of Symi. The vermilion tiled-rooftops, with a slosh of purple and cornflower windows, the neoclassical buildings with elegant shades of pastel buff, and the idyllic port that seems straight out of a fairy-tale book, had a lasting impression on Trishna, who immediately made up her mind to smear her hometown with the hues of Symi. And finally, having fulfilled her dream, this place is now all ready to fill everyone’s café experience with joy and ecstasy.

The décor of the café raises a toast to the finesse and panache of the Greek island. The exterior portion of the café resembles one of Symi’s crayon-colored houses. The variegated mosaic walls remind you of a panoramic view of Symi. The multi-colored patterns can be seen on the ceilings and desks also. The yellow and blue chairs, coupled with the artificial grass wall panels, bring out the prismatic texture of the remarkable isle. The primary colors mingle with a dash of bright yellow in the rich and radiant interior. The entire décor has a mixture of different styles to keep the neoclassical elegance and the debonair modern-day chic at an equilibrium. The entry section contains a vintage phone and a wall clock. The midway passage section is bedecked with vintage lamp-shades and boasts of an old school fan. Symi incorporates restored wooden structures in its design plan, staying true to the aesthetic principles of neoclassicism. One design aspect that grabs eyeballs is an enclosed window, which exhibits a titanic picture of the panoramic vista of the island of Symi that will surely teleport you to the coast of the Aegean Sea. As a matter of fact, the café boasts of a lot of windows that herald hope and buoyancy. It has an area of 1100 sq. ft. and can accommodate well over 50 people. The sections of the café are intricately divided, keeping in mind the themes that match the beauty of the place. These are – Entry: Mneme (Remembrance, Memory) Midway Passage: Elpida (Hope) Mezzanine Space: Agapi (Love).

The owners’ love for food is quite evidently reflected in the menu that Symi has to offer. The island of Symi is known for its seafood cuisine, especially shrimps. Thus, the café’s signature dishes contain the same element. The most exceptional one among them would be the scrumptious shrimp pizzas. The soups and salads are classic continental dishes, with the specialty being the Rustic Greek Salad to give you a taste of Greek cuisine. It serves delectable dishes like Mutton Keema Sinhara with Tzatziki, Pesto Chicken & Sundried Tomato Pizza, Zesty Shrimp Pasta, Cheesy Chicken Sandwich, and many other mouth-watering delicious platters. Mutton Keema Sinhara with Tzatziki is another succulent offering, where the minced meat is stuffed into samosas and served with Tzatziki dip. Pesto Chicken & Sundried Tomato Pizza is a Thin Crust 12-inch pizza with pesto chicken and sun-dried tomatoes. Zesty Shrimp Pasta comprises parsley, garlic & lemon sauce tossed with shrimps & pasta of choice. For desserts, Symi has Nutella & Raspberry Crepes, which is Nutella-stuffed crepe with raspberry compote & whipped cream, Cream Caramel, which is made of orange cream caramel, with roasted pistachios & orange Segments, and Chocolate Mousse Martini, which has layers of airy chocolate mousse, praline, salted caramel, and dark chocolate ganache. Apart from these, there are few other desserts too that are bound to stimulate your taste buds. Every dish here has a taste of Greek influence, including the starters, main course, or the dessert section.

When it comes to a cafe, the tea and coffee have to be first-rate, and the owners are well aware of this. Keeping this in mind, they have kept a lot of varieties in the tea and coffee section. The tea section has Turkish Tea, Chamomile, Darjeeling First Flush, and a few others. The coffee section has Cappuccino, Ethiopian Hazelnut Latte, Salted Caramel Latte, Triple Sec, and a few other tasty brews to give you the ultimate café experience.

So, if you want to have a unique café experience, where you can feel the ethos of Greece, then this is your go-to place. People who have a craving for Greek cuisine and a yearning for the epicentre of Western civilization itself will perceive a deep connection with this cafe. Come and explore the beauty of the historical place right here in Kolkata!

Address: Symi Cafe, 7/2B, Dover Ln, Hindustan Park, Gariahat, Kolkata – 700019 Timing: 12 noon – 10 pm Cost For Two: Rs 1,400 Delivery Available

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