The First Physical Exhibition Since Lockdown Will Showcase Exemplary Artworks Across Diverse Genres –

 The First Physical Exhibition Since Lockdown Will Showcase Exemplary Artworks Across Diverse Genres –

Emami Art, one of India’s leading contemporary art galleries based in Kolkata is hosting its first physical exhibition post the lockdown ‘Fluid Boundaries’, which will be showcasing works of art across different genres. Curated by art historian and critic Nanak Ganguly, the show features the artworks of Snehasish Maity, Debasis Barui, Tapas Biswas, Bholanath Rudra and Suman Dey. In this exhibition the works of these cutting-edge artists will confront the traditional experiences of light and sound and how the same is re-ordered and returned in an innovative role reflecting the choice of subject the artist has made.


With human existence being marked by an obscure sense of survival, surviving on the borderlines of the present, ‘Fluid Boundaries’ addresses similar concerns. With each new step retreating into old solutions and being discarded, it would be impossible to stop, as one has to create the text in spite of the odds, as is seen in the sculpture/installations of Tapas Biswas or in the paintings of Suman Dey. A recurrent issue today is the plight of the individual in a highly technological world as in the works of Bholanath Rudra or Snehasish Maity. However, the works of ‘Fluid Boundaries’ are ultimately optimistic despite bristling with images of hope, aggression, human relations, confrontation and displacement. There is a sense, achieved through ironic focus, that beyond lies something more hopeful. However, first it is necessary to overturn what we have and create the neutral space from which new things shall grow by creating un/usual interactions between visual art, architecture and the materials of everyday popular and media cultures as we get to view in Debashis Barui’s installations. It will also be all about physical, metaphoric and psychological connotations that are almost always intertwined and represented in socio-linguistic patterns.

“We are happy topresent ‘Fluid Boundaries’, our first physical exhibition post the lockdown period. Last few months have been difficult for all of us and the present situation has intensified our self-growth and I am very excited to see what all the artists have come up with during this pandemic. The artworks of this exhibition will be all about physical, metaphoric and psychological implications that are always entangled and represented in socio-linguistic patterns and I am sure viewings of these vast range of paintings, sculptures and installations at Emami Art will result in fresh discoveries.said Ms Richa Agarwal, CEO, Emami Art.

The exhibition is scheduled to start on 6th November, 2020 and shall be displayed till 15th December, 2020. The exhibition can also be viewed on Emami Art’s website

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