“Anurag” directed by Santu Sinha

 “Anurag” directed by Santu Sinha

In this story, only “one night” condition is brought in front of the couple in the hope of getting rid of the financial crisis. Ways to stay well in the future in exchange for that condition. Will his wife be the victim of lust in exchange for money of rich businessman? The only condition for fulfilling the hopes and dreams that had been manifested for so long was “one night”.Sending one’s wife to someone else’s bed in exchange for money is the key to a better future. Love or interest in your wife? Need or loved ones? Would his wife be willing to embrace the darkness of one night to illuminate her dream of a happy future?Just waiting for the answer. Recently, the medium length Bengali film “Anurag” directed by Santu Sinha is going to be released after Pujo. The story , Screenplay and Dialogue also done by director of this film Santu Sinha himself.

Cast and Crew

Devdut Ghosh is the main character, Ananda Chowdhury and Priyanka Bhattacharya is the couple. There are also other characters played by different crew. The music of the film is directed by Raja Narayan Dev.

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