After months-long waiting, the unlock-5 has finally brought some good news along with it. The pubs have restarted their operations, allowing liquor consumption with the safety measures in place. The Buzzing city, Kolkata, was almost silenced after getting affected severely by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Govt allowed relaxation to the restaurants, but people of the city of joy were anxiously keeping their eye on the news channel to know the destiny of the Pubs. And finally, the wait ended. They are undertaking all the safety measures to keep your party going! Temperature checks of the customers with proper sanitization are being done at the entrance. Mask is mandatory to get the entry. The tables are arranged at a 6 ft distance. Sanitizer bottles or sachets are kept on the tables. Tables are being sanitized after one use. Digital menu and payment methods are advised to use. Deep cleaning and sanitization are being done every fortnight to keep the premises decontaminated. For the in-house staff, they are following essential guidelines. Face shields, masks, and gloves are mandatory for the in-house staff. Temperature checks and sanitization are being done. They have planned a shifting duty for their staff to keep their health in check and to reduce the risk. The cutlery, crockery, and Kitchen are being sanitized every 2 hours. Here are some of the Pubs where you can drop by with your friends to twirl with the bashing music and alcohol. Traffic Gastropub:Located at city center 2, this gastropub has made its name for its maddening Dj numbers and low alcohol rate as low as 49rs.

The interior is inspired by the aspects of the Road. Vibrant graffiti, Black and Yellow posts, Road lamps, and what not! You will also find funny captions written across the place. It’s a perfect weekend gateway after the exhausting cooped up days!Location:2nd Floor, City Centre 2 Mall, Rajarhat Newtown, Chinar Park, Kolkata 700136 Timing:12:00PM -10:30PMPrice:Rs. 1,500/-for two people (approx.) with alcohol.

The Lords and Barons:This Brit-style pub is a pure eye-catcher. Located at the party hub of Kolkata, Park Street, The Lords and Barons will not fail to transport you to the medieval era. If Push through the large doors of the first floor, you will witness a throwback Posh English pub decor with vintage wooden furniture and victorian paintings hung on the wall. Whereas the second floor offers Dj beneficiation and live music with a dimly lighted sitting arrangement and live bar. Location:20B, Park Street Area, Kolkata 700016Timing:11:30 AM-10:30PMPrice:Rs. 1,500/-for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Ministry of Booze:After 5-months-long agitation with the Govt lockdown, this pub is welcoming you to offer you an extensive range of Booze and minimalistic décor. This place is perfect for chilling with your friends and engages in those bitchy gossips sipping your favourite alcohol and rejoicing their mouth-watering food. You can opt to sit on the wooden bar tools or relax on the sofa. Location:DH Block, Action Area 1, New Town,Kolkata 700157Timing:12:00PM -10:30PMPrice:Rs. 1,100/-for two people (approx.) with alcohol

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