Research Media Group’s initiative for Kolkata

 Research Media Group’s initiative for Kolkata

Research Media Group is one of the finest visionary companies in India. Based in Eastern Zone, the company has announced their opening in Kolkata. On this  auspicious occasion they have recently launched their logo in a luxury hotel at Ballygunge circular road in presence of chairman cum M.D of the company Mr. Chaitanya Janga, Executive Director P.V.S Varma and Director (Operation) C.H. Hari Leela Prasad. Also tollywood actress Mouboni Sircar and renowned models were present in the program.

Mr. Chaitanya Janga said ” Business is an adventurous initiative. Entrepreneurs have to fight against all the odds and manage to reach their goals. They learnt so many things from experiences and many lessons from initial failures to have smooth sail we  aimed to redefine  marketing strategies, we are value driven and our core values inspired  us to push our boundaries further. After studying the Topography, Cultural, Commercial, Social, Historical Back Grounds, Business Environs and with the encouragement of like-minded local  friends and well-wishers in the state of west Bengal, We have decided to expand our business horizons to Eastern India and to provide employment to considerable extent to the local talented and expertise youth  in various segments like Photography, Choreography, Costume Designing, Art Directors, Videographers, Models, Artists etc . All these departments connected with our business operations. “said Mr Chaitanya Janga ,CMD of the Group.

Research Media Group is a platform that bring together Creators, Visualizers, Designers, Celebrities, Models, Model Trainers, Fashion Designer prime movers, Extraordinary Proficient World over  to lead and continue to inspire the world. It is an exclusive blend of best minds and best developers” said Mr.Ch. Hari Leela Prasad, Director Operations.

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