Moving Reels Entertainment & Amit Acharyya Films present ‘GOLPE MORA CHUPKOTHA’

 Moving Reels Entertainment &  Amit Acharyya Films present ‘GOLPE MORA CHUPKOTHA’

‘Golpe Mora Chupkotha’ presents 6 Short stories narrated by An old man and his Granddaughter (Ashok Roy & Dristi Mondal).

The first story is about a Married Couple Surjo and Ishani (Abhishek Singh & Sritama Dey) where the girl works at an office as the husband takes care of Household Chores. It presents a day in their life.

The Second Story is a road movie about two strangers Ronit & Lisa(Ishaan Mazumder & Bibriti Chatterjee) who meet while going on a trip and get to know each other throughout their journey.

The Third short showcases a thriller depicting a session between a Mentally Unstable Girl

(Moubani Sorcar) and her psychiatrist.

The fourth Story depicts a tale Of two lovers, Samrat & Priyanka (Krishanu Dasgupta & Sanghamitra Talukder) separated years back as they meet during a script reading for a movie and things take a turn.

The rest two shorts

about love in a different way feature Sayantan Mukherjee, Subham Nandi, Jit Chakraborty, Husne Shabnam & Others.

Moubani Sorcar, Ishaan Mazumder, Bibriti Chatterjee, Abhishek Singh, Sritama Dey, Sanghamitra Talukder, Krishanu Dasgupta,

Sayantan Mukherjee & Ashok Roy.

Subham Nandi, Jit Chakraborty, Dristi Mondal, Husne Shabnam.

Music- Amit Mitra & Anupam Aich

Produced By

Sarbani Basu Chowdhury & Amit Acharyya

Story, Screenplay & Directed By

Sayan Basu Chowdhury

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