Kolkata, this is your 2020 Tinder Fact Sheet

 Kolkata, this is your 2020 Tinder Fact Sheet

There’s a large, important, cultural shift happening – one we’ve seen for a while in Gen Z, but it’s now expanding because of COVID-19. The pandemic has accelerated a generational shift in the way we date and meet new people, and we’ve learned that connection is enduring, and despite social distancing, Gen-Z will find a way to sustain it.

While dating and socializing out of quarantine looks different around the country right now, hanging out on Tinder is showing no signs of letting up, and members are letting their profiles do the talking.

Here’s everything that has been happening on Tinder in Kolkata.

2020 Made me Realise: Top 5 most adopted Prompts in Kolkata 

To help members better introduce themselves to potential matches, Tinder recently released Prompts, a new in-app feature that lets members respond to questions or finish a sentence to display on their profile. Of all available Prompts, ‘2020 MADE ME REALISE’ had the highest adoption, signaling how much our daily lives have changed from every perspective–including how we gauge compatibility with potential matches on Tinder.

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