Indrani’s Choreography for Debleena

 Indrani’s Choreography for Debleena

IndraniGanguly is a well-known name in the cultural circles of the city, everyone is fascinated by her dance style. His ‘Srishti Dance Academy’, a renowned dance training center in the heart of the city.RecentlyIndrani did the choreography for the short film ‘Bhalobasa Positive’ by ParmitaMunshi.ActressDebleena Dutt Mukherjee will be seen in the lead role of this film. And Indranihas skillfully choreographed this dance scene. Indrani said that this scene has it’s own importance in the film. She is very happy to be associated with this project. Indrani knows that it is great to work with a talented actor likeDebleena. Both the director and the actress are very happy with Indrani’s work.SHIBANI MUNSIPRODUCTIONS PRESENTS ‘BHALOBASA POSITIVE’   Produced by – Sudip Banerjee. Besides the direction of this Covid19 centric film, story-screenplay-dialogue done by   Paramita Munshi. The music of this film is done by Abhimanyu Chatterjee and the song is sung by singer Mitul Dutta.

The two main characters in the film – Dayita (Debleena Dutt Mukherjee) and Sumon -Dayita’s husband (Devdut Ghosh) with Anima – Dayita’s mother-in-law (SutapaBanerjee), PoliceOfficer Debayan – Dayita’s grandfather (Debajit Kundu)Ratna-Dayita’smother-in-law (Indrani Ghosh) will be seen in ‘Bhalobasa Positive’. Sudip Bhattacharya is in charge of art the direction in ‘Bhalobasa Positive’.Filmed by Ashok Pramanik. Arijit Basu is in charge of editing.  Indrani Ganguly has done the choreography.Ashok Das has worked as the chief assistant director of director Parmita Munshi. This pandemic – Corona has ruined human life. Panic over the corona, the misconception is intense in everyone. Love, an inseparable bond that leaves the world behind, remains even after death. Love lasts even after death … Parmita Munshi’s short film’Bhalobasa Positive’ says all these things. Music has played a special role in this film. UsedRabindraSangeet “How many times have you forgotten yourself / I will open my heart at your feet”. Mitul Dutt sang under the supervision of composer AbhimanyuChatterjee.

The work of the film has been completed while maintaining all the social distance rules. A portion of the proceeds from ‘Valbasa Positive’ will be donated to the ChiefMinister’s Relief Fund for the Kovid 19 epidemic. The post-production work of the film has started.’Bhalobasa Positive’ is going to come to the viewers very soon

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