‘SUROOR’ is a story of four girls

 ‘SUROOR’ is a story of four girls

‘SUROOR’ is a story of four girls who grew up together as best friends but eventually lost contacts with each other as they all move on with their own lives. All four best friends belong from different kinds of families and their backgrounds are also different from each other. After a long time they rediscover each other through social media and plan for a get together. The real story begins when 3 of the girls are murdered and one of them vanishes without leaving any traces behind. And this is when a strong headed female Police Officer comes in to investigate the crime scene. Makers are planning to cast a known face with strong personality for this role.

Sharing the film look of four lead actress, Amidst Pandemic Suvendu Raj Ghosh has not only been working rigorously but also taking extreme safety precautions. This photo shoot was done in this week wherein he has finalized the looks of all the actors and even shot a collective look. The film will go on floor as soon as lockdown is completely lifted and it will be accordingly released in the early 2021.

Simultaneous  he is also finalizing the film edit, dubbing and post production of Main Mulayam Singh Yadav. With an astounding response of audience to trailer, he is trying his best to deliver the best political biopic in Bollywood ever.  Director Suvendu Raj Ghosh and Producer Meena Sethi Mondal have come together to deliver this inspiring tale with Amyth Sethi in the lead of role as Mulayam Singh Yadav. Produced by M S Films and Productions. Slated to release on Oct 2nd  2020.

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