Amit Kumar’s New Bengali Single, A Song Of Hope, ‘Raat Ashe’ Releases Across Online Media Platforms

 Amit Kumar’s New Bengali Single, A Song Of Hope, ‘Raat Ashe’ Releases Across Online Media Platforms

Time has changed. There is devastation and destruction everywhere. It all began with Covid-19 and followed by the prolonged lockdown, resulting into economy being hit hard and suffering of people rising manifold. Then came Amphan. It was mayhem everywhere. While things are not going the way people wants it to, but it is now the people who need to act and be more responsible, stand united and not lose hope.

Raat Ashe is a song of Hope. It is the song of the hour. It speaks about the difficult times we all are facing as life has come to almost a standstill. But now is the time to turnaround things as the world will have to make a comeback. Sung by Amit Kumar, the singer extraordinaire, Raat Ashe has been composed by the popular music director Rocket Mondal and conceptualised and written by Sreeraj Mitra, a communications professional and lyricist. The song has been released today by Asha Audio Company. Raat Ashe is incidentally the first Bengali song which Amit Kumar recorded at his illustrious bungalow, Gouri Kunj.

“Raat Ashe will bring to you a ray of hope while we all are fighting an unknown enemy for survival. The meaningful lyrics by Sreeraj Mitra, who has also written quite a few songs for me over the years, speaks about hope arising out of this pandemic situation. We all need to stand together united at this moment and move ahead. As better days are not far off. We must step forward towards the road to freedom. It was great collaborating with Rocket Mondal once again for this song as he has composed quite a lot of songs for me and we have shared the stage for over 4 decades. I was also excited to record the song at my home as I experienced the usage of latest technology for the first time”, said Mr Amit Kumar.

“It is a long and frustrating period for musicians as there are no shows or new musical projects and the future also is not looking encouraging at this moment. When Raat Ashe was offered to me it came as a whiff of fresh air, as it is a song of hope and hope is what motivates us to live each and every day. The song has been written fabulously by Sreeraj and Amit Da has touched the right notes beautifully to give the perfect feel to the song”, said Mr Rocket Mondal, Music Director.

“There is a pall of gloom everywhere. But from the uncertainties and unslept nights there will soon be a new and bright tomorrow and we all must hold on to our belief and hope that normalcy is restored. I have written Raat Ashe as a song of hope amidst the prevailing situation. Rocket Da came up with the basic tune within couple of hours after receiving the lyrics. His excitement was palpable and it was a fabulous experience working with him. Amit Da once again sang his heart out with his booming baritone and elevated the song to a different level altogether. Eleven friends of mine came forward to support this project. So, it thus became a ‘Friend-Funded’ initiative. We all are hopeful that the listeners appreciate our efforts”, said Sreeraj Mitra, Communications Professional & Lyricist.

“Raat Ashe has lyrical depth and the music aptly conveys the message of ‘looking forward’ despite the difficulties we all are going through. After working together for 3 albums earlier, this is also our 3rd singles with Amit Da. We are happy to have got associated with this project”, said Ms Apeksha Lahiri, Asha Audio Company.

Raat Ashe is now available in Asha Audio’s YouTube Channel and across major online music platforms. An instrumental version of the song will be available after a few days.

Song Details

Song: Raat Ashe. Singer: Amit Kumar. Music & Arragement: Rocket Mondal. Concept & Lyrics: Sreeraj Mitra.

Recorded At: Gouri Kunj, Mumbai (Voice) & Roket’s Creation (Track). Mixing & Mastering: Sudip Santra. Backing Vocals: Rocket Mondal. Video Design: Tamal Duary. Produced By: Sreeraj Mitra

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