Have you ever imagined that an introvert girl belonging from a small town can win over the hearts of thousands of people with not only her style statement but also compelling speech! Yes, she exists! A Change Influencer, Public Figure, Image Consultant, Make-up Enthusiast, Make-up and Beauty Consultant, and Public Speaker-she has bagged all the attributes with utmost proficiency and skills. Over the years, she has jumbled all the expertise to become the master of all the trades. Love at first sight with a red lipstick at the age of 6, was the moment when Miss HARSHHA fell in love with makeup. Since then, she has been playing with colours with no hint of becoming a master of painting living canvases and becoming a Makeup Artist and Fashion Stylist.

Miss HARSHHA, a girl full of ambitions and dreams and very much focused to create something different, started discovering her inner talents when she joined a renowned MLM company. In her words “The journey from being a loner who did not have any friends at all to becoming a person who consults people is a complete roller coaster. I don’t believe in struggles; it is a process which shapes you with time. It is not easy but whatever I choose brought ease in my life and it was worth it. But one thing was always clear to me that I want to do something around Fashion and Beauty. Over the years, the quest for becoming flawless in what I do has shaped up me”.
And with that one clarity and commitment towards the same, her journey in the world of beauty and makeup started in the year 2009, when she was honored with the title of youngest manager at a multi-national company at the age of 18, which transformed her from an introvert to a champ in Public Speaking. She was a fast learner and always clear with her goals. Hence, along with Diploma in Fashion Designing, she simultaneously learnt professional skills of Makeup Artistry.

Her deep enthusiasm in Make-up and Styling, stroke her to become a renowned Make-up Artist, Educator and Consultant. She is popularly known for her make-up workshops that are specially programmed to modify the skills of aspiring make-up artists. She has conducted more than 500 workshops in the last 11 years, around Fashion Styling, Self-Grooming, Professional Makeup, Image Consultancy, Skin & Beauty Consultancy, Corporate Image Consultancy, Product Promotion Strategy, Awareness Programs etc. To know more about the world of beauty she did a certified study in Aromatherapy and Cosmetology and created a handmade bath & beauty

care range under the brand “RUSBELLE”, which was born as a result of love she has towards nature and natural products. Miss HARSHHA has collaborated with multiple brands in fashion and make-up category. She describes her customers and followers to be the ones “who loves to look good”. She also provides Personal Consultancy around Skin, Hair, Body, Makeup etc and conducts frequent workshops to spread more awareness around. Miss HARSHHA has groomed and styled hundreds of Brides since 2009, and as she loves being a Freelance Artist, she has groomed brides travelling all over the country for destination weddings. She has a flawless hand in Airbrush Makeup and as an Educator she has created and groomed lots of professional Makeup Artists who are working successfully around the country. She is also an Image Consultant and has transformed many lives by not only guiding them around Fashion, Beauty and Styling, but also creating that shift from within which is essential to establish a confident and attractive Image. Last but definitely not the least; she is also a certified Access Bars & Body Process Practitioner.
She is extremely passionate about something which is creative and a contribution to the world. Miss HARSHHA likes to carry very subtle yet elegant look and has a fondness for every detailed fabric work. She admires the embroidery work of Sabyasachi, colour selection of Satya Paul and vision of Amit Agarwal.
This Make-up Consultant turned Educator feels “business is much more than a profit-loss game. You just cannot anchor yourself with the ship but sail the ship and feel the voyage. Business is the same. I started doing the things out of my growing passion for them and enjoying every part of the journey”. She believes in positivity and has a different approach towards life. She has inspired, educated and consulted many people across the country and is recognized to be someone with great potentiality to make people change the way they look towards their life. She is a multi-talented personality who wishes to change the world with the power of her speech and knowledge.
And as she always says, it’s not possible to put in words how Access Consciousness has contributed in her life, so the best way she found to express her gratitude towards it, was to Empower others by spreading joy with whatever she do and to be a contribution to the world by spreading more awareness around Life, True Empowerment and Consciousness.

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