Techno India University, West Bengal launches 2 revolutionary MBA courses, in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Leadership

 Techno India University, West Bengal launches 2 revolutionary MBA courses, in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Leadership

Techno India University (TIU), West Bengal is proud to simultaneously launch two brand-new MBA programs for this academic year 2020-2021, one in ​Entrepreneurship ​ , and the other one in Sustainability Leadership & Social Impact – ​ making TIU the only Private University in Eastern India: to obtain AICTE accreditation for the former; and to offer such a comprehensive, immersive program blending Management and Sustainability for the latter. In the words of Prof. (Dr) Goutam Roy Chowdhury, Chairman Techno India Group – “These MBA programs are a positive step towards making India clean. It will not only boost employability and entrepreneurship but will also expose students to real world challenges and make them industry ready. It will help to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the creative leadership skills to excel both in the startup and the enterprise environments.”

Both programs are visionary and first-of-their-kind, for they have been designed by national and international experts, and for their particularly strong connection with their respective industries to ensure knowledge practicality and placement. Moreover, both curricula include expert hard skills in their own domains together with strong soft skills training through Leadership and Personality Development Workshops and Seminars, to ensure the holistic development of each individual and making sure they personally and professionally thrive in the job market.

Reiterating the words of Mrs Manoshi Roy Chowdhury – Co-Chairman, Techno India Group “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity ” MBA in entrepreneurship is an ideal concept for those who have family businesses and also for them who want to join their field of creativity . It is an opportunity for people to utilise their innovative ideas and methods for the society . MBA in sustainability leadership is a newly designed programme aiming to develop creative leaders who will collaboratively address present global challenges and opportunities with the insights and skills to shape an inclusive and sustainable future for business and society.

The two courses shall provide a very specific, unique edge to its students, especially considering the rarity of such programmes nationally and regionally.

The MBA in Entrepreneurship launched this year in the leadership of Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, Director Global Operations for Techno India Group, is a unique course for which TIU offers high-end Educational Resources, Faculties and Facilities of international standing to ensure that the students’ startup journey has the fundamental base and exposure it needs to succeed. The program is relevant to all kinds of individuals. This one-of-a-kind curriculum curated by Entrepreneurship evangelist Ravi Ranjan, blends Innovation, Marketing, Business Strategy and Finance with a comprehensive emphasis on Entrepreneurship, which ranges from fundamentals such as ‘How to fund your startup’ and ‘New Venture Creation’ to more complex topics such as ‘Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance’ and insights from Corporate Law. The programme includes regular practical training to test the students’ real-time progress, as we curate startup pitches to Incubators, Accelerators and Government Agencies, and Seed Funding opportunities from Investors and Government Grants.

Techno India University also introduces another revolutionary course, an ​MBA In Sustainability Leadership & Social Impact​. ​Industry ecosystems at the local, national and international levels need not only highly efficient managers at the head of big organisations and SMEs, but also ethical, impact-focused corporate leaders that can do business while creating real social and environmental value. For now, both the education sector and the job market have mostly failed at producing such inspiring leaders. This programme has been designed exactly to bridge this collective deficiency by Pauline Laravoire – Sustainability Director, Techno India Group who studied Sustainability & Social Innovation at HEC, Paris. This programme will lead the students towards absolute mastery of hard and soft management skills, through the spectrum of environmental sustainability and social inclusiveness. This first-of-its-kind immersive program extensively covers both organisational aspects, such as Sustainable Business Models, Responsible Leadership and Governance, Impact Innovation and Entrepreneurship, but also in-depth societal insights such as Sustainable and Smart Cities, Geopolitics of Renewable and Non-renewable Resources or Tech For Good.

Join Techno India University, West Bengal for these empowering and innovative journeys to finally unleash the Entrepreneur & Social Impact Leader that you are meant to be.

For both these 2-year MBA programs, Bachelors’ Degree Holders with good Command over the English Language and a Strong motivation for Entrepreneurship are eligible. The courses commence on Monday, 17th August 2020, online until the lockdown allows physical classes to happen.

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