Nihsheshe Nibhechhe Taradol

 Nihsheshe Nibhechhe Taradol

He stands iconic to the ones who worship him. For the rationalists, his self -contradiction is remarkable. He had set a trend in Bengali colloquial writing. Despite being in constant touch with the Americans, he wrote the aristocratic British way.  The blazing portrait in Yoga centres doesn’t resemble the man who departed succumbing to unbearable agonies of multiple ailments. We can assume his pain behind keeping the football high over The Gita. Myth has confined his festive birthday within unveiling of statues, lectures and processions. On the contrary, he wished to celebrate his death, the untimely demise that nipped innumerable possibilities in the bud. The fateful 4th July at the beginning of the 19th century took away neither the saint, nor the prophet – it was a human Narendranath who succumbed.

What would have happened had the cyclonic monk lived a few more years?

How would it have shaped the history of the nation?

We remain curious till today over the conflict of a lively talent with a monk’s spirituality.

নিঃশেষে নিভেছে তারাদল‘ (Nihsheshe Nibhechhe Taradol) is an attempt to look at Swami Vivekananda through a fresh lens, different from the usual ones.

Script: Spandan Neogi

Music: Siddhartha Bhose

Editing : Suparna Chattopadhyay

Narration and Direction: Korak Basu

The video will be released on the Facebook page of Korak Basu on the 3rd of July, 2020 at 7 pm.

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