JUDDHAJWAR O RABINDRANATH’   ‘The Poet & The Pandemic

The metaphysical men are dead; our whole demand is transformed with the coming of the physiological man” when  Émile Zola indicated the start of Modernism, the era started itself before the words. The world was brought into Imperialism. In the year 1914, the 1st World War was started. Before the world war, India especially Bengal has witnessed a lot of pandemic situations such as plague,  cholera, etc. During the period of 1914-18, the world war not only brought the economic downturn but also the ‘Spanish Flu’. In this PandemicTagore’s were in great trouble. The family was affected a lot. Rabindranath himself wrote an essay about cholera in 1918,  where he penned a pictured how it was spreading in Asia.

Interdisciplinary artist SujoyPrasad Chatterjee has come forward with  an initiative for this specific period  titled ‘The Poet & The Pandemic’( JUDDHA JWAR O RABINDRANATH, 1918)with ‘Half Pencil’, ‘Ghosh Company’ and ‘SPCKraft’. The script and research has been done by acclaimed media personality Chaitali Dasupta. She said, “The memoirs by  Dr. Prashanta Kumar Pal & Prabhat Kumar Mukhopaddhay, helped me a lot. While Plague, Cholera are chronicled in a written verse, Spanish flu is a complete unsung topic. So, we tried to rediscover a new Tagore“.

The video project has been directed by filmmaker Raja Dasgupta and edited by Uttaran Dey. Among the few songs that Tagore had written in 1918, this project features three selections, sung by actress Bidipta Chakraborty, vocalist Sutapa Bandopadhyay Sarkar and Raja Dasgupta. The readings are by Chaitali and Sujoy.

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