Rahsaan Noor to launch The Great Shift – a docu-series

 Rahsaan Noor to launch The Great Shift – a docu-series

Rahsaan Noor, an American actor and filmmaker of Bengali descent, who gained international fame for his debut film, Bengali Beauty is all set to launch a documentary miniseries called “The Great Shift “produced by Mindist Media and in partnership with News18.

The Great Shift will aim to contribute to lighting the flame of a resurgence by sharing exciting ideas coming from stellar entrepreneurs and business honchos, who have made it big by grit and resilience, during a time when most of the industries, brands, and sectors across the sphere along with the film industry coming to a standstill and left uncertain, wondering about their future due to the global pandemic COVID-19.

The first episode  aired on The Great Shift’s YouTube channel on Sunday, 19th April 2020 and feature leaders from various walks of public and private life.

The miniseries aims to inspire business leaders and citizens across the country and make them creative in their search for a solution. The miniseries will help to initiate a conversation on how the world can move to restart our economy and how being creative in our approach to capitalism can help people look beyond profit maximization and focus on social impact through their businesses.

Speaking about the launch, Mr. Rahsaan Noor said, “There is nothing more resilient than the human spirit. In moments of crisis, it’s always been the entrepreneurs in our society who have led us out to the other side. I hope this series can remind people of that and inspire people to that end.

Commenting on the series, Aditya Goel, Founder and Senior Partner at Mindist Media, said, “By creating a documentary series like ‘The Great Shift’, we are contributing positively to the social dialogue during this pandemic – It’s a clear chance to inspire hope and make people more aware of the changes that are happening in society, the way we live and operate. Our hope is to bring together not just India’s diverse community of creators, but also at a global level – we want to reinvigorate the passion for our art across the board with this project.”

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