New Bengali film Mouth Organ

 New Bengali film Mouth Organ

Zeenat Ahmed, kolkata: Momo M.D. (Manoj) was born on 23rd September 1986. He is an Indian actor in the Bengali Film Industry. However, he is renowned as a theatre artist as well. He has even worked with the famous theatre group namely, Gobardanga NAKSHA.

After pursuing a degree in DRAMA from Rabindra Bharati University in 2010. He started off his career by acting in regional TV Soap channels.

Meanwhile, he gradually entered into the film industry. He has acted in many Bengali movies as well. He is currently making his directorial debut in a short film, titled ‘mouth organ’ 19-20.

The Synopsis

The plot of the short film, is based on a girl who was abused in her childhood. It was her uncle who did abuse her.

Meanwhile, there is a poet who is suffering from leukemia. The girl and this poet know each other since their college times. Cut to the next scene where the girl is seen on a trip with her friends to the mountains. The poet starts hallucinating a character who loves this girl. He has the ability to see things and predict as to the incidents going to happen next. He had his intuition that this girl is in danger. The poet’s inner character refused to go there and save the girl.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the girl and her friends meet a caretaker. He tries to attempt to rape. On the speer of the moment, the caretaker accidentally kills the girl. She suddenly wakes up in the car in the next scene.

Soon enough we can understand that it was all a dream. However, they were on the way to the mountains and suddenly she saw the same caretaker. There were similar things taking place alongside like the dream.

The film ends on this note, leaving the audience in a question and thrill as well. The curiosity of the short film will make the audiences think about it more, coming up with various responses. This way this short film will be alive and leave a mark on the audiences.

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