New Set of Summer Dresses now available in Melbourne

 New Set of Summer Dresses now available in Melbourne

Crownwood International Film Festival has just completed its first Annual Award Show. This first year of the incredible Film Festival was held on 14th and 15th of February at Rotary Sadan. Tollywood star Chiranjeet Chakraborty, director Subrata Sen and glamorous diva Sayantani guha Thakurta were present on 14th February, the very first day of the film festival.Chiranjeet Chakraborty, who was present at the event, said”Short film festivals like these will help and inspire new film directors”.

Not only that, he also stated that “Crown Wood does this event every month,This concept looks very different to me, and as more shows like this will be held, new movies will be made and prizes will be given, which is good for the film world.”

The first Gala Event of Crownwood has been able to successfully grab the attention of the film world. India has managed to win awards in 8 categories in the Film Festival including Best Music Video (Global Love), Animated Short Film, Horror Film, Family and Children’s Film, Silent Film and Student Film.

Many viewers were present to see the movies as well as various directors and film experts. Some of the most celebrated Bollywood directors and film lovers have expressed their excitement about the Crownwood International Film Festival. Apart from India, award winning films from Canada, Argentina, Portugal, Germany ,America were also screened in the film festival.

One of Crown Wood’s officials, Arindam Bhuiya,has stated that “At the first annual event, we are very excited to say directors from different states of India have managed to give us some of their precious time and turn this festival into a huge success and we also thank directors from abroad for supporting us”.

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